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Why turn off Demo Felguard's Threatening Presence?

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Hey all, first post! I've just switched over to Demonology from Destruction and boy is it a learning curve. Huge praise for the Icy Veins Destro guide, it's helped me a ton. What I don't understand is the guide's request to turn off the Felguard's 'Threatening Presence'. Why would you choose to turn this off? Isn't the added threat beneficial to keeping mobs off of the Warlock?

Thanks a bunch! 

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When solo, yes keep it on.

In raid, it doesn't matter much since 99% of the time pet aggro/taunts are disabled by the raid zone itself.

In 5 man content TURN IT OFF!!!!! You're in a group with a tank, the tank is the one that does the aggroing, your pet pulling off the tank will 1) get your pet killed 2) really piss off your tank.

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Threatening Presence  isn't a taunt, it increases the threat the pet does. The extra threat from this skill likely isn't going to steal off your tank unless he's not that great at holding aoe threat, or he's having trouble at that time. In the cases where it does take 1-2 in an aoe pull, you actually make your tank take less dmg for the 4-5 seconds he isn't tanking them anyway. If this happens while chain pulling really far distances, honestly that's just your poor control over your pet at that time. Also if you notice it becoming an issue (this is more of a personal experience thing imo) then obviously keep it off. You can disable the auto cast of the skill in your spell book, and then macro (as well as WA to notify you if it's on/off) the skill on your bar (instead of removing another skill from your pet bar in order to fit it) if you wish to go this route.

By the way, your title as well as post are confusing as hell, you kept confusing the names of the specs haha..

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