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SV trinkets question

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So I'm currently trying to decide which is better 875 twisting wind or 875 spontaneous appendages?

I know Azor ranked twisting wind a lot higher before but the trinket dissapeared after his recent update. It also ranked spontaneous a lot higher then before.

Wondering which trinket do you guys think or would you use?

Simcraft showing twisting wind to be about 1-2k higher. 

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I was wondering this too.  Twisting Wind definitely still procs for Survival - as far as I can tell it procs at about the same rate as it does for me as BM.  

Generally I'd have expected it to at least APPEAR in the sims listing, but it's not there at all.  I wonder if whoever ran them excluded it.

I'd probably just stick with the appendages anyways to be safe.

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