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[Proudmoore][A] <Nerf IRL> - Raid Recruitment - LF DPS

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Hello gays, straights, and in-betweeners. Looking for a WoW community you look forward to logging on to be around? A place where you can be you? Want an accepting community of try-hards ready to push mythic content? Are you an adult? Then <Nerf IRL> is the place for you. :) 

Website: http://nerfirl.com 
Server: Proudmoore (PvE; PST time zone) 
Faction: Alliance 
Raid Schedule: 8:30-11:30 PST on Tuesdays and Sundays, with off-night on Thursdays
Current progress: 7/7N (EN), 7/7H (EN), 3/3N (ToV)
Adult crew (averaging mid 20's to early 30's) with an adult sense of humor. 
Socially present guild with mythic + runs every night and an efficient raid schedule. Contact Trueofheart#1419, CptJello#1513, Orca#1750, or Xolver#1159 on battlenet or fill our an application if you have any questions!

★ We are currently recruiting 1 ranged dps and 1 melee dps to round out our mythic roster. (We are in dire need of a awesome mage and a kick !@# demon hunter, but who knows you may be a better fit just shoot us a message and fill out an application on our website.)
★ We are a kind, friendly, and open guild looking to build a community of try-hards that like to have fun pushing mythic content.
★ Fill out an application on our website (nerfirl.com)

Nerf IRL is a newly formed guild created for Legion, comprised of a few friends, a handful of friends-of-friends, and a few other new, colorful personalities. After being frustrated with the current pool of guilds, the leadership decided to create a guild that didn't just exclusively focus on being a social guild or a raiding guild, but instead a community that catered to adult players who craved both.

We all have careers, significant others, children, and D&D nights that prevent us from raiding hardcore. We're ready to "settle down" with a group of like-minded players who want to raid efficiently but not frequently, while having fun and making long-term friendships in the process.

If you're a raiding vet or new player dedicated to learning, this guild is for you. If you are exhausted trying to find a guild that takes raiding content seriously without sacrificing your personal life, but also enjoys socializing and the feeling of a tight-knit community, this guild is for you. If you are an open-minded individual with a love for people of all colors, genders, ethnicities, and orientations, this guild is for you. If you are a kind, sarcastic, sassy, and quirky individual, this guild is for you. Did I mention this guild is for you?

Come join us for your mythic progression needs. We are currently 7/7 Normal and 7/7 Heroic EN, and 3/3 Normal ToV looking to push mythic by the end of November. Send me a message in game or fill out an application on our website. Would love to hear from anyone and everyone interested. We also do accept social members as well so come join the fun :)

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We also play more than just wow on our down time so after we kick ass raiding if you want to play some overwatch or something we are down for that ! :Pwe are accepting social members as well, but we still need a bad ass mage and demon hunter XD

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We will be starting again on mythic EN once we fill the last spots we have open so if you want to try your self on some mythic EN come join us in our progression!

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Please note that you can only bump your topic once every 3 days if you are not adding any new information to the topic. You certainly shouldn't be doing it more than once per day.

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