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To priest or not to priest

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I am diving in the expansion on a new realm and want to make sure I use my 100 boost on the right class. I have always been a healer or tank in the past (since vanilla) so I am looking for a character that can heal, as I don't really want to tank this time.

This leaves 4 classes.

Paladin I don't really consider as a viable choice as I am not a big fan of melee in raids, and will be needing a DPS off-spec to raid.

Druid is almost out of the question since balance seems kinda m'eh to me (not too keen on the ressource pooling stuff), and feral is definetly not something I want to do in raids.

That leaves Shaman and Priest.

I am unsure how ele shamans fare as far as DPS goes. I have loved Elemental in WoD because of all the procs and beautiful pew pew it has (let's face it, the spells are gorgeous and the sound effects that goes with them are crazy). Enhance seems to be the DPS choice right now in raids, and that is not Something I consider. no melee in raids for me.

Now the priest. I used to love the old school holy priest, but have always hated shadow. It felt like very hard work for very little reward to me. I know it changed a lot and maybe I would have to test it out for myself, but I wanted to know what you guys thought of it.

Pretty much, it's not the healing part that worries me, it's the dps side of it...

Any help will be welcome.

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From what i heard in the guild is that shadowpriests are top 3 at the dps meter in the raid on mythic. ( dont know if this is overal or at some bosses.... maybe you can find info with some log files from raids )

Same for the healing part wich is discipline the best option instead off holy.

i do think that skills and ilvl is needed to max out your class and playstyle.


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Shadow Priests are pretty strong, but boils down to player skill. As the skill cap from what I've heard is high on Spriest. Shaman is a strong pick, The heals are generally a must for each raid group. However, from what I'm hearing, elemental is struggling on long fights, but amazing in burst.

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