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Hello all, 


I've been playing Pally since Vanilla, but have recently come back to the game for Legion. I've noticed that my numbers for my gear level are a bit low comparatively, and would love some insight. I know that my itemization is a little off (Slightly low crit, other slightly odd numbers), but I dont think that my healing should be that drastically low compared to other pallies at this item level.Here's a link to my most recent logs, along with my armory. 






I know I'm wearing a dps trinket in the armory. Was testing to see if it would proc on Judgement (not sure why I didnt think it would...) and checking to see the buffs it gives. I typically wear the LFR version of Vial of Nightmare Fog or the Vers/int and haste on proc trinket. 


I appreciate your assistance in advance, and look forward to working on your suggestions. 

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