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UH DK Question

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Hey there. I feel like an idiot now after realizing how I think a talent actually works. For mythic pluses I read the guide on here about using the talent infected claws, I tired it out and thought that it only worked when I transformed my abomination so I would alter my playstyle too much and end up in a DPS less by trying to "play it safe" with my abilities rather than go all out and use right off cooldown. And even before when I was using the talent shadow infusion, I never realized that every target infected with festering wound and inside death and decay will have the wound popped while using the scourge strike on only one target? Is this the case? Because if so I've been doing it wrong all along. I would apply my wound to one target up and then pop death and decay and the wounds. But I'm guessing I should be using festering strike on one of each target and then popping death and decay and just go all out with popping them? Another reason I didn't use Infected claws before was because I was having problem tab targeting the right target to pop wounds, but if this is the case everything makes so much more sense now. Like I was getting frustrated only pulling like 300k dps at the end of a dungeon with my gear being pretty decent. So main question and a few more DK related questions I have are..


1) Does scourge strike pop all wounds on all targets while in death and decay? And if so how many targets should I apply my wounds too? 

2) In which type of raid environment would this possibly be useful in? Any in EN? If not maybe the last boss on ToV? 

3) Is using Infected claws > shadow infusion even viable in raids, or is it just meant for dungeons? 

4) I have the Eye of Command trinket and I was wondering if this would be a loss in DPS in dungeons compared to a different trinket seeing as how much target switching there is? Here's my armory to the trinket: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kiljaeden/valicia/simple


thanks a lot for any help, I feel so satisfied now that that I actually realized this and I'm excited to do dungeons again lol I hated getting out DPS so badly by frost DKs that are way lower geared than me in dungeons and this is probably why it was happening. Have a nice day and thanks!

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SS procs as many wounds as it can i.e if SS crits it'll pop 2 if you have bracers it'll pop 2-7. Just assume ur SSing the target while not SSing the target. Infected claw is the default choice for unholy if you have bracers, if you don't have bracers I personally think shadow infusion is better in all fights in EN and ToV. Eye of command isn't very good for dungeons, if you swap it on before bosses it would be ideal and change back to other trinket for trash.

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