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Fury Stats

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So going off the the fury war guide our stats are 

  1. Strength;
  2. Haste to 50%;
  3. Mastery;
  4. Versatility;
  5. Critical Strike;
  6. Haste past 50%.

Which I try to follow and gear towards the best I can, Now when it comes to my stats, and the dmg i do. I guess I very ocd. I always try to perfect my playing. From dmg to gearing stats, rotation ect.

So one of the things I do is checks logs. Myselfs and others on couple different sites. An one trend I've started to notice on a lot of the furry wars who hold some of the top dps spots is there stats. It seems most have there haste between 15-25%, but there master will be 35-45%. Making seem more like there stat orders would be 1. Strength 2. Mastery 3. Haste and so on. Now as I'm not a 890 gear war. I can't really speak on the gear choice at that lvl of mythic raiding and keystone runs.  But it does make me wonder with all the updates to furry. That if the stats have changed. 


Now I do understand the basic idea behind our stats and why we choose them and min/max. But just going purely of logs and dmg reports. Seems like there might be something to it, or hell maybe I'm just not knowledge able enough on the class and dps and just creating false ideas of bad or not complete information. 


Well any info or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank yall for taking the time to read this, and for any and all feedback.

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I'm not at that gear level either but, I sim my own character every time I get a new piece of gear against a single target and AoE. Occasionally I'll also swap some talents around and see how they effect those two scenarios based on my gear. What I've noticed is, on a single target strength and haste have always been king, by a noticeable margin and haste even surpasses strength regularly. However, when simulating AoE, strength pulls way ahead and all 4 secondary stats tend to be very close in weight, haste even below others at times. It's just speculation of course as I don't know any top fury warriors personally but, it's a thought.

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Haste/mast gear is mastery heavy, so getting a lot of mastery is easy. Also mastery rewards more % per point than haste.


Some of the theorycrafters stack mastery intentionally once they pass ~26% haste (which allows an extra GCD during enrage). Significantly more haste can run into issues with cooldowns clipping each other and rage capping.

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