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Assassination - How Can I Improve

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Hi guys, hoping for a couple of outside opinions of what i can do to push some more dps, I wouldn't call my ST terrible I just kind feel there's more that I can do. Here's a quick log tonight of Ursoc.


I haven't been playing to long consistently on my Rogue as i've just switched mains from a holy paladin.  I need a LOT of work on multi target fights i know that as I tend to panic and loose track of things.

Is there any stat changes you'd recommend ?  More crit perhaps ?

Thanks in advance.

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You seem to do quite well on the fight itself. So your rotation probably isn't the thing you need to work on, astleast not right now. Looks like you may have missed 1-2 kingsbane casts at the end of the fight. Your last kingsbane cast is around halfway through. That should be used almost on CD, as it fits into your rotation.

I do notice that you have 0 vers. You should sim yourself, you probably need versatility the most right now. Crit should be around 40% but again sim yourself, YMMV. The random lust at 30 seconds doesn't help your parse either. Lusting at start or 30% on Ursoc is the correct method.

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