Please help my friend (dps) She feels her dps is on the low side.

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So me and a friend just started during legion launch to play together, we have been having a blast. We have now reached a point where dps is starting to matter more (Mythic +5 and up, raids etc)

During dungeons her dps is usually veery low, sometimes half that of the other dps and barely that over the tank.
Same goes for raiding, I look at her dps and I feel that she could way more. I have read the guide for ret pallys here and sent her the rotation and tried helping out with gems/enchants etc. But I have no idea about anymore since I have always avoided pallys like the plague :P

So I was wondering if anyone could maybe help her out and look at our 7/7 EN log and see what she could improve on so I can help her out.

I would like a armory, but we play in china so its horribly updated or I just cant find the right url.
and most people would not be able to read it anyway (I know I cant) 
Anywhere here is the log

To make it easier to find her , on the Xavius fight she is  "月小雅" the highest ret pally on the list. 
She said her talents are the recommended on icy veins, but I am not sure I dont check it everyday really.

Anyway, if I forgot something I apologize and I will try and include it in a edit.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Edit 1: I just noticed she changed her rings and other enchantable items, so will get her to redo those ad that should be a good increase.
Edit 2: Aromory link (ITS IN CHINESE)月小雅/simple
Tip : use the stat window below the char to see what the characthers mean (chinese) e.g 爆击 = Crit etc

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One thing I'm noticing is that your friend seems to have used all 3 buffs on themselves. They would get a lot more out of putting Greater Blessing of Might on each of the top 3 dps players. On the logs the damage from the buffs will be credited to the paladin. Doing this will also benefit the raid the most. I know many Paladins do not realize that they can do this.

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As Wildriver said always might the 3 top dps. It's hard to say who that is, if it's a LFR, but cast it on 3 DPS with decent gear.

She did cast one of each buff on herself. 

This does matter a bit, however she should be able to do more damage than she does.

Do you have any information/data from a dungeon, where it's easier to see?

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