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Any advice for my fury War

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(I'm French, if someone want to reply in my native tongue its alright, for the others my apologies =D)

Hi pals,

I have some issues with my war fury :

I think i do bads things on my gameplay or optimisation because i found i will can more dps than actually :

My character : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/dalaran/Bobbin/simple (not update)

My log : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Az1p6a4dxQPLF9yn/#type=damage-done&source=3


This log is with B stats and B 2nd trinket


Done on 2 iteration of Avatar.

I use to play with that stats :A/ Crit 14% Haste 22% and Mastery 48%

No with changing some gear i have : B/Crit 19% Haste 26% and Mastery 39%

I have : Spiked Counterweight on 1 trinket that i never change, but i dont know for the second.

In my bag i got : A/Mememto of aggroba

                             B/Chrono Shard

                             C/ Eye Of command

I also play with Massacre Talent because i have Ayala's ring


What config do i prefer and how much dps can i reach ?

Also did i do something wrong in my rotation ?

Thanks a lot, See u



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