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Some general thoughts/questions regarding SV, MM, and trinket selection

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With the end times scenario of MM being rendered subpar in 7.1.5, I decided this week I was gonna hone my skills in SV and try to nail down the rotation.

I found in testing on single dummies, random mythics, and LFR (as SV), my seemingly best numbers were put up by taking Serpent Sting over Dragonsfire. It doesn't seem possible, but there it is. I also took Mok'Nathal over Throwing Axes, and with that set up I do feel severely handicapped with no range attack options. Surely I must be doing something wrong if I'm seeing better numbers in single and AoE fights with SS?

On that note- trinkets (gear in general but specifically trinkets). Between IV, AskMrRobot, and Pawn, I get 3 different hierarchy schemes for what I have that is the better trinket. At current (for MM/BM), I run the Aran Crystal (860), Devilsaur's Bite (855), or Bloodthirsty Instinct (855). Per IV, Instinct takes the cake as being the best trinket I have in my bags. Per MrRobot/Pawn, my best combo is the Bite/Aran. It seems to me in my testing that the extra damage proc plus flat mastery is the correct choice in both single and AoE situations. However, the haste proc does have it's benefits. (For SV, I run Bloodthirsty and Spiked Counterweight @840). Now, if I get lucky and get an Eye of Command from Viz in Kara, per Pawn I should replace the Bloodthirsty because Counterweight ranks above... right? Doesn't seem quite right to me.

Obviously, the key is testing things out for myself and going with what produces the best numbers for my playstyle. I'm just curious to understand why such a big disparity exists between each respective sites' gear/stat weight hierarchy.

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Ranged attacks as SV are pointless. You have your Hatchet Throw for when ranged pulls are necessary and Harpoon should always be off CD once you get the on-kill CD reset passive from artifact. (You'll seriously feel like Batman zipping all over the map from one enemy to the next) Throwing Axes is a waste of Focus anyway, (crit aside even Flanking Strike out-damages it) between keeping Mok'Nathal stacks up and Flanking Strike SV Hunters are pretty well focus starved until you get your legendary boots, or a shit ton of haste.

Now as for SS vs. Dragonfire, it's mathematically impossible if SS is out-damaging Dragonfire on a target dummy alone, though I suppose you do gain 1 GCD for not having to cast SS so the combined damage of the Raptor Strike that you'd cast instead+SS may be out-weighing it? Food for thought.

Finally as per the stat weight difference, you have to understand that they're only a guideline. Stat weights change based on what stats you currently have, so they're never going to always be the same. Run a sim and find out for yourself what choice to make.

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