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How good is Twisted Pandemonite Choker

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Since wowhead comment has nothing, how good is Twisted Pandemonite Choker of the Impatient. More importantly the effect . Looking at AMR says 898,860 when summoned demon dies. Yet When I inspect other locks with 8/8 it reads 11,406 same as the base version.

1) So does it stay at base 11.4K heal or does it really heal more like AMR says? Seems to heal me over 900K

2) for demon dying part, do they mean if felguard dies? or does it trigger when your temp demons (imps, stalkers, etc) expire? If not when they expire what about if they are killed, like you blowing up the imps, stalkers being cleaved down (pvp). Despite log now saying Stalkers died, or imps died, changing settings reveled that heal went off when the imps expired. 

3) Does the heal trigger only if you can get heals, so like how you can't use HS at full health, effect will not trigger at full? 

4) when it triggers, is there a debuff to watch out for to have an idea when you might have that safety net (esp useful in pvp) No Debuff or anything to let you know. Hoping a weakaura can track the cd.

*Edit 1* I answer some of my questions after taking on Ruff the danger in storm and then looking at the logs and changing settings.

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