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Fire Mage DPS help,Logs included

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Hello ,

so i have the problem like many guys before me. My DPS is lower than it should be so i came here for help. This is the link to my armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/draenor/Meredin/simple

Link for logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/bL4kW1xHNcjFTQzZ/#fight=1

All fights except Cenarius and Xavius are in the logs, as we did not kill them.

I want to go over my rotation first. So i pop my potion few secs before pull put down RoP then i use Phoenix Flames to get Heating Up, after that its Flame Blast>Pyroblast>Flame Blast>Pyroblast>Flame On>Flame Blast>Pyroblast>Flame Blast>Pyroblast>Phonix Flames>Pyroblast>Phoenix Flames>RoP>Pyroblast. After that i go with the normal rotation spaming Fireball to get Heating up, using Fire Blast and fishing for procs with Fireball/Pyroblast.

I also have a question regarding my gear, just got the hood(TF-890ilvl) from Il'gynoth and i have it equipped, but i also have Colar of Enclosure from Arcway(860ilvl), the Colar gives me more crit but the hood gives me much more Intellect. With the colar im at 57% crit without food buff and with the hood im on 55%. SO which one should i use? I simmed it and it says that the hood is better, but im woried for the crit.

I would really appreciate your help.


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sorry for this late reply. First of all: Go and enable "advanced combatlogging" (it's an option ingame) or go and tell the guy that is logging your raids :) It is much easier to go through these kind of logs.

Second point: The burst rotation you're describing is wrong. You can even see it in the Nethendra log.
Correct: PrePot -> Fireball Precast (~2sec) -> RoP with immediately Comb -> PF -> Pyro/FB (first Fball crit or not) -> normal burst

That way you should get 6 Pyros in your RoP AND Comb.

Further you just took 1 deadly grace pot and should really get rid of your Haste trinket and enchant all of your stuff. Back is missing +200INT, Ring +200Crit and your Neck is missing the Satyr enchant which deals at least 2Mil DMG in a normal fight :)

Last thing I can say is, that Pyromaniac is far better on singletarget than Conflagration is.


Concerning your question about your hood... I would say you can take the 890 if you find another high crit gearpiece (like a trinket), to stay above 56% (felt like a "breakpoint" for me).


Hopefully I could help you :)

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You don't want to drop 150+ int to gain a little bit of crit.  Keep that in mind.

You should never be stacking haste, or using haste trinkets when you are below 58% crit.  Once you break the 58% mark, get into 60%, you can take some away to get more haste.  Not before.


I haven't looked at logs yet, but going off Lily's comments, make sure your rotation is correct.  Your Combustion rotation is a large portion of your overall damage.  Mess it up, your dps hurts, a lot.


Furthermore, Deadly Graces averages 100k DPS per pot.  Not taking one can be assessed as losing 100k DPS.  Keep that in mind.

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