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I just started using simcraft and pawn. It's doing wonders for my monk. The stat weights look great. But with my paladin I don't feel it works. I wanted to know if simcraft uses the 20% break point? Because I'm at 20% but It want's me to put on another item that drops me to 16% haste. Pawn says it's a 15% upgrade I just don't see it at all. Can someone maybe simcraft a string for me and see if they get the same thing.

My current stat weights are as follows -

( Pawn: v1: "Alùcard": HasteRating=7.54, MasteryRating=6.49, Versatility=8.03, CritRating=7.83, Strength=8.76 )


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I'm very interested in this, because I've noticed the exact same thing with my ret paladin.

My pawn string also seems to change any time I change my gear, which makes it hard to get a bead on anything.

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Im having some questions round SC too. 



Crit 23.41%
Haste 22.98%
Mastery 22.92%
Leech 0.00%
Versatility 1.06%
Avoidance 0.00%


 Vers    Haste    Crit    Mastery

 5.97    5.70    5.51    4.40

Showing as vers as my best stat. Does this mean its taken into account the haste at 23%? 

Im also gearing this alt so i will be changing gear loads.

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