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Discipline Priest seeking for help

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Just started playing with my discipline priest on a 25 man raid and I always seem to get a really low hps. I'd like to improve that, but I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

Can you pls help me?

here's my log: http://www.worldoflo...um/healingDone/

my armory: http://us.battle.net...Nysteene/simple

thanks in advance.

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Looking over the logs, there don't seem to be an excessive amount of problems. Some comments:

- For Megaera, you should really be casting PW:S more often. I only saw 6 casts on the kill attempt. It seems like maybe the other disc priest is faster to cast it than you and is "hogging" both tanks. If there are 2 disc priests in the raid, you should really let each other take turns in some manner (maybe you are each responsible for one of the tanks). This will greatly increase your mana regen through rapture and allow you to run with even less spirit. For example, during the Megaera kill, you regened approximately 100k mana from Rapture while the other Priest got about 220k. Ingela's Rapture is a great add on to track rapture if you don't have it already.

- I generally don't use Halo, so I can't offer much advice, but your healing form Halo is dramatically lower than the other disc priest in the raid. Maybe someone can comment on this.

- Your use of atonement seems a bit low. You have almost half the atonement healing casts as the other priest. Is this because of mana issues?

- On the Ji-Kun kill, there's the same issue with PW:S. On Ji-Kun, there's only 1 tank engaging the boss most times, but there are plenty of opportunities to pop shields on people who are soaking green puddles. Even if you only shield the active tank, in a 7 minute fight, there should be approximately 28 shields going out (using a 15s duration weakened soul), but between the two of you, there are only 19 (and only 3 for you).

- In both of the kill logs, I didn't see any use of Inner Focus. There are a couple of great uses for this spell. You can either pop it and then drop a greater heal on the active tank to give them a big heal + shield from Divine Aegis, and you can also make use of it during Spirit Shell to give one of your PoH casts some extra oomph and double the shields given from that cast.

- I looked at your armory and your gemming/enchanting/reforging seems fine.

That's all I can think of for now and that's pretty much the extent of my WoL analysis capabilities. Maybe someone who can analyze things better than I can comment.

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Your healing on those too fights looks fine, although you can tweak a few things to get higher numbers.

> For Megaera, you should swap to Divine Star, its group healing is tremendous with the double healing and when groups are stacked. As Aztekxero stated you should be using PW:S more, preferably at min. once every 12-15s to keep up rapture mana proc but that goes for all fights. Since you do have two disc would be best to assign each of you to a tank so you both are getting rapture procs.

> For Ji-kun, cascade would work better since people should be spread out. As disc you both should be getting the Primal Nutriment as must as possible since you can double dip in the effect with atonement.

For your gear my only changes would be that you get some T15 trinkets, if you are having mana issues get the shadow-pan on, 30k every 3m is pretty decent. Spirit proc's arent as good for disc anymore since rapture wont include them in the mana return.

Gems are fine, although, if you're mana regen is comfortable, you can go for more throughput and use more int/crit gems for yellow/green.

Enchants are fine too, I would swap your cloak chant for 2k int over 3k spirit and get those shoulders enchanted too Posted Image

If you're far enough into the Legendary quest line be sure to get the weapon socket

> Overall simple improvements are PW:S more, atonement during down time / low dmg times / or most of the time if the groups other healers are ok with it. Be sure to change talents depending on the fight, usually Divine Star or Cascade would be better, Halo is good if you know you can stay 25yds away most of the fight.

Didn't check completely into you're SS usage but it can also be used for single target instead of blanketing a group or two with it, depending on the fights of course.


(can give more advice for other fights too if you'd like, and ask your groups other disc I'm sure they could help too)

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