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Need Atonement Addon

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Hey guys I have really got into discipline priest lately and its my first healer so I'm pretty bad at it but I have trouble keeping track of who has my atonement on them. I mostly like to raid and I only really like using the default raiding frames. I'm just looking for an addon that helps keep track of who has my atonement on them. Any help is appreciated thanks!

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I use elvui. With the unit frames you can have buff indicators and that's how i track my party buffs. Atonement is a nice bright pink so it's very easy to see. Also i use weak auras to track my total atonement with sins of the many. 

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Not sure if you've watched any of automatic jaks vids, but I loved his and essentially copy and pasted it with Vuhdo. Here's his video and you can look at some others to see what it looks like. It also tracks PW:S, has debuff colors so you know when to dispel, etc.



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    • By khaldac
      Sorry if this has been brought up already, but in reviewing the Disc priest rotation guide, it says this:
      As of Patch 6.0.2,  Atonement healing has become inconsequential. In the presence of other healing options, casting spells affected by Atonement will always result in an overall healing loss, even when accounting for the eventual  Archangel. At level 100, the Mana gain from  Power Word: Solace will outweigh the time spent, but at this time stacking  Evangelism should only be considered if:
      You are consciously preparing for a difficult damage phase OR You have the Tier 16 2-piece bonus and need a stack to activate the effect OR There really is nothing else to do. Is this still true? Given that Penance generates stacks of Evangelism and that Penance is a fairly powerful heal (I use it a lot), Archangel is basically free. 5% additional healing per stack and an (almost) guaranteed crit from Prayer of Healing (or Flash Heal, though I almost never use that) seems worth the click. Am I missing something here?
    • By Luciana
      Just started playing with my discipline priest on a 25 man raid and I always seem to get a really low hps. I'd like to improve that, but I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.
      Can you pls help me?
      here's my log: http://www.worldoflo...um/healingDone/
      my armory: http://us.battle.net...Nysteene/simple
      thanks in advance.
    • By ThrIronMustache
      If you really want to have some fun with your attonement priest you can start playing around with your trinkets and weapons. Insignia of the Corrupted Mind, and Seal of the Seven Signs both have chances to increase haste by 2904 BUT DO NOT share internal cooldowns so there have been times where I have had that extra haste for 40sec strait out of the 120sec worth of ICDs. Seeing as how we attonement priests are the only class that effectively raid/tank heal as well as spell dps we are the only ones who can actually utilize this combo and I do have to say it is fantastic. With either trinket activated and PI my haste hits 68%. Also on that note I have noticed that my healing and dps had a fairly drastic increase when I reforged all pure haste. My current stat priority is Int>Haste>Spirit>Crit=Mastery. Obviously I am content with my mana regen to put it below haste but you get the point.
      Also just picked up Rathrak from Regular DS and noticed about a 900-1200dps increase single target (with an extra dummy getting the weapon DoT). Being able to switch between Maw and Rathrak during combat also adds a fun element to mechanics.
      There seems to be a lot of information out on the interwebs right now regarding this spec so i am very curious to see how others are utilizing this ability.
    • By Aure
      Hello guys!
      While taking a look at the website's Disc Priest guide I noticed you guys suggested not spending any points in Train of Thought when atonement healing. I can see why it's a big thing for a dedicated tank healing build without A/A but I really can't see the reason why it would suck at our smite-healing priests.
      I'm not sure if there is a major discussion about this in other Disc communities because it's a tricky question, but I hope someone here will be able to help me and other priests.
      Thank you!
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