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Advice regarding Mana issues - Resto

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Hey guys!

I'm looking for some advice about mana issues I am having currently in raiding. Generally I tend to be out of mana roughly around 20-30% of the bosses health, sometimes 40% depending on the amount of damage from the boss itself. I tend to use Germination in raids, alternating with Inner Peace for high damage fights and use Wild Growth when available. We're attempting to push Mythic EN and I want to try and fix this issue I am having.

I am using Innervate as much as possible, as well as using Leytorrent Potions where available and if possible. However I am still unable to get through that last bit of the fight without exhausting my mana completely and praying for that additional mana to come up.  I understand my class very well, however this issue is kind of weighing me down at the moment. Any advice would be wonderful about this issue, as I tend to try and improve in areas I may lack.

A few links to assist:

Heroic Clear: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/c2gdqZLwNfBCvxy8

Mythic Prog: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/cpqZf8hDtYJwVB3F

Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/caelestrasz/Boomiebox


Kind Regards,


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Hello, Boomiebox

Unfortunately we have a problem here: you ask for an advice regarding your mana usage but all your logs are done without Advanced Combat Logging enabled so it's impossible to check all the needed details like resources, your raid builds in different fights, and so on.

Please link some logs with Advanced Combat Logging enabled so we'd be able to help :) 

From what I saw so far though, I'd like to point at the extremely bad utilizing of your Artifact spell and Florish talent. You used them only once on Mythic Nythendra,  didn't use almost at all in HC raiding which is pretty much unbelievable. Almost no usage of Lifebloom that affects your mana too because Clearcasting procs from Lifebloom's HoT, very minor use of Efflorescence which in its turn bring you to almost zero benefit from Spring Blossoms talent even when you take it.

Frankly, there's no surprise that you are going OOM - you are using only half of the resto druid toolkit and for some reason it's mostly a single target healing half which is not particulary efficient when healing with 2-3 paladins.

One more thing: looking at your healing comp, you are healing with 3 Holy Palas (which is insane by itself^^) - in this case you should never pick Germination because 3 heavy single target healers would top any target very fast not allowing your HoTs to fully tick, so you pretty much waste a lot of mana for an additional HoT without receiving a good outcome.

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Only pattern I saw between the logs was that you're underusing both Essence of G'hanir and Flourish. Each does a lot of healing for no mana, so that's an easy spot for improvement. Still, you weren't overusing any of the big mana-eaters on that M-Nyth attempt, so if you were having mana troubles there my guess would be that either DPS was taking too much damage or you were doing too much overhealing. On your H-Cenarius, you're casting more dispels than you should need to -- the raid probably needs to get better at dodging roots + using personal stuff to break them. You also cast Regrowth a few more times than is typical -- could've just been that parse, but I'd keep an eye on it.

Some general points:
- If you're finding you need spot heal a lot, consider taking Cenarion Ward. It costs no mana and heals for a ton. 
- Germination is baaaaad in the raid environment. Takes too many GCDs to get good use out of it. Spring blossoms is preferred.
- Your Lifebloom uptime was really low in both of those logs. Even if you're not assigned to heal the tank, you should at least keep that one up. It's one of our best HPM and HPET spells. 
- I noticed you're didn't use Barkskin or Ironbark at all in either log. They're good; use them.
- BUY FLASKS SCRUB (kidding kidding but seriously buff up if you're struggling)

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Also just to add on, for a very long time now mana longevity has become a game of pacing.  You don't want to just go around spamming all the time, but you also don't just want to sit there doing nothing.  Start slow with your heals, pick targets as they take damage.  As you learn the fight you know whos more likely to take damage and you pre-hot them for the event while hotting people who take damage as they come up.  If you're struggling with mana just learn to change your pacing of spells.  Slow down a bit and save more for when theres a lot going on, then get back to a conserving mode.  


Try to save innervate if you use it on yourself, for the burst phases, spam the hell out of rejuv on everyone you can that you know will take damage or is damaged, also make sure to get 1 wild growth (that will actually do healing on the first tick) inside your innervate as well as be mindful of the Dreamwalker triat from your artifact where it gives a small heal to everyone that has rejuv.  


Do a Rejuv spam -> wild growth 'combo' during your innervate so you can make the most out of that trait.  Don't be scared to pre-hot but just make sure you find the spots that its useful in and not a waste of mana.

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