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Whirlwind weapons both ancient for damage calculation

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Just one question, regarding Wastes set and whirlwind. How damage is calculated, do I need to have both  weapons ancient for damage, or is only mainhand calculated, and offhand is placeholder for useful mods (CHD, AD, LOH, AS, whatever)?

Or is it alternating?

Anyway, it is better to have both weapons ancient, because of higher rolls and another slot for augmentation, but I'd like to know this one.


Thank you in advance :)

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27 minutes ago, ch1zra said:

My memory tells me too, but I guess I was hoping for the other answer, given that I still can't find ancient Warriors Blood.

I know that feeling, don't worry. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but I thought it was better to give you the truth! :P

Good luck finding the weapon though! I'm still hunting my Ancient IK weapon.

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