Holy Paladin BiS Trinkets

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Hello guys,


in the past days I've been acumulating quite a lot of trinkets and I was wondering which two were the best.

What are got are the following ones:

Vial of the Nightmare Fog (865)

Concave Reflecting Lens (875)

Naglfar Fare (875)

Heightened Senses (870)


I've yet to find a post regarding Trinkets for Holy Paladins so I figured I'd ask the question here.

Personally, I've been using the Naglfar Fare and Heightened Senses, but I think the passive crit of the Concave Reflecting Lense or the Vial might make them more valuable than the Heightened Senses. On the other hand, the Heightened Senses give me Intellect, which I'm lacking, at least considering the passive stats of the trinkets.



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