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Can someone look over my 2 SPriest raiders and tell me what's up?

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I have two SPriests in my guild, and one is consistently lagging behind the other. I thought he was doing a great job, but we are both trying to find a way to give the other priest a run for his money.

Lag Behind is on the left, Gogo Gadget SPriest is on the right. 



They seem much of a muchness, except Gogo has 5k more intel and 2k more mastery. 

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Hey Aztecia,

I saw your post, I decided to look into your shadow priests. I am interested in leveling and gearing a shadow priest alt, and have been reading up on them. I do not claim to be an expert on S-Priests nor WoW nor Raiding for that matter. However I'll let you in on my findings.

Performance depends on several factors. Latency, Luck(RNG) , and Player Skill/Ability/Experience to name a few.

Assuming they raid with the same basic Latency (MS) and that is not the cause of the Gap in dps. It very well may be.

Squiddley and Carebea have very similar ilvls and stats. Squiddley having slightly better itemization. Therefore it's not that Squiddley is getting more crits.

However Squiddley, as the logs show, is most likely a more experienced raider and his skill at playing his class does reflect this. I can't say for sure, but if you look at just his use of Power Infusion on most fights. He uses it not only as many times as possible but also at the right time during the fight. In most fights Squiddley uses Power Infusion twice or even three times vs Carebea's once. Squiddley also takes into account Diminishing Returns on his haste buff. Casting Power Infusion before Heroism on a Nythendra kill, instead of during Heroism, giving a higher overall damage buff.

It's the little things that make the good, the great! In this case it may be the Encounter Optimization that Squiddley does differently than Carebea. Have them talk with one another over the logs. It's easier for a S-Priest to pick out what is missing from another S-Priests logs. I just noticed the Power Infusion.

I wish you luck in your Future Raids! However if I meet you in a BG I'll have to kill ya! For the Horde!

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the one with more dmg used STM earlier, and it looked like it had 1 more peak and 3% more duration on STM migth not seem like alot but consider how heavy dmg it is to the end. cant STM be used before entering voidform to generate more insanity aswell? i wasnt going to answer here beacuse i dont know too much about shadowpriests but its the 2 things that stick out from everything else. but about 2.20 minutes in the more dmg priest is having another peak but the other priest is not he is dipping in dmg, maybe he is dodging or moving wich made him cancel out. but what about artifact level? makes a difference.. and also look at how many casts each of them do of a certain spell. 1 have more casts of just about every spell. i guess that is the biggest difference when comparing them. and 5k intellect is alot... that's like 4 flasks. and the mastery amplifies this dmg from the spells aswell. if i had 4k more intellect i would think im atleast an 890 ilvl avg. where the good pieces are either relics and not jewlery. im not even sure i can get another 4k int just from 10 item levels.. not that it is the most scaling stat for shadowpriests. anyway i know this forum howtopriest.com i suggest maybe ask there aswell cause all the hardcore priests are chilling out there :D

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I'm no expert in reading log, but i can see they both have issues with a few things. I only analyzed Nythendra kill.

They both had low Voidform stacks during Surrender to Madness. Squiddley had about 80 wich is good, but can improve. And Carebea had only 73 wich is very low. The goal with Surrender to Madness up is to get 100 stacks and cast 3 Void Torrents. Squiddley did 2 times and Carebea did only one time.

They both didn't use the second Power Infusion during the Surrender to Madness and that's one of the factors making they don't reach 100 stacks. 

Other things that i don't know how to view in the logs is the rotation they are using during Surrender to Madness. That is the key to get the third Void Torrent. 

Show them these videos from Excel Priest and tell them to practice the rotation on the training dummy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNTVmqpIBiQ (This one is for Squiddley because he has the belt, but he has to watch the first one also)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3ukYq-SmFQ (and finally this video is for the opening / first Voidform)

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Hey Aztecia

So there is a major change in how insanity drain works since 14 Nov's patch in which haste and critical rate have a new value cap at 9.5K and 9k respectively. After hitting the limits mastery is actually the better stat. Taking a look at the logs from 13 november before the patch it seems like Carebea was doing more than Squiddley on Ursoc and Dragons. While the week after Carebea has lost out on both fights the week after the patch. One benefit that Squiddley has over Carebea is the belt which is best in slot (It will make playing easier but it wont affect a top tier player's dps that much.). Carebea also seems to be having problems with high mobility, multiple target fights such as Elerethe, xavius and Ill'gynoth.  Aside from that, the huge reason for dps difference after just a week could be due to the changes in insanity drain, adjusting to the latest updates might close the huge gap in dps between them. The rest will be up to individual player skill.

Check this link on the new value of stats for Spriests: https://www.howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=9268


(Seems like Carebea is having alot of problems with surrender and Squiddley is getting 10-15% more uptime on it than Carebea. Only real fight where Dps was similar was Dragons which Carebea has only 3% less uptime. Since Surrender to madness dmg scales really high the longer u are up the difference in 20-30 sec could result in huge dps changes.

Carebea needs to work on keeping Surrender up longer or judging when to use it.

And finally get Carebea to use his necklace when he needs it if he is low on insanity when surrendering it provides 30 insanity instantly(before Surrender to madness 150% increase and power infusion's 25% if it is being used) and is not affected by a global cooldown. It is a great way to get out of sticky situations.

The last bit will be rotation which will improve both of their surrender length but that I think was clearly shown how to improve in the previous replies.) Edited


Hope this helps

Edited by Seyler

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