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Ele Shaman DPS (me or just the class?)

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Hey guys,

Really looking for some help here, I usually main Resto, however I want a DPS spec. Unfortunately I seem to be terrible at it.

I just did TOV, however totally forgot I had turned logging off on LFR. I have attached some screenshots of my stats and DPS for the fight and will turn logging back on next time I do anything like raids/LFR to get some solid data.

Guarm I only managed 166k (it was a 6m30s fight as people died and needed to self heal but it still seems so low to me.

I finished Helya on 201k DPS and it was an 8m50s fight. I am using my big CDs on cooldown (inc Fire Ele), Stormkeeper is being used on CD, my flameshock had a 91% uptime, assuming this is due to the add stage and her being immune to everything whilst this is active.

Lightning Bolt is my filler spell obviously, Lava Burst on CD, Using LB procs instantly, Earth Shock @ 100 Maelstrom, making sure to use the LB proc after Earth Shock if already at 100 Maelstrom.

At the start of the fight I tend to be somewhere around 700k burst.  have attached a picture below of how my damage was made up on the Helya fight in absence of logs and how my stats currently look.

I'm literally on the verge of quitting the game, I've played MMO for years and always played well but since legion I feel like I'm having minimal contribution in dungeons and raids and was actually kicked from a Kara group tonight as I was only hitting like 170k DPS (Moreos) which was the same as the 850 geared Paladin tank??

I really don't get it so if anyone could help I would appreciate it.

Note: I've also turned off Fire Nova on the Fire Elemental.

Edit: Talents that matter to DPS - Ancestral Swiftness, Primal Elementalist, Elemental Mastery and Ascendance.


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Hey. I also just went Elemental as offspec, also healing in main.

I read several places, that Frost shock is important - I havent raided yet with my new elemental spec, but in world content / smaller bosses, It seems very apropriate to use Frost Shock, and Icefury together. 
I am not a pro AT ALL at this, but I hope, maybe others will back this up/ off. I use the Ele spec mainly in world content, so it just have to suffice there. I am planning, to allways heal in LFR/raids, and mythics.

I also notice I have much more Mastery than you - I actualy have many problems, getting my haste/crit more high, as it is only 20 and 23 %, but the high Mastery makes the Elemental overload higher. I dont know if that could have a purpose here.

Dont quit! Keep on fighting!

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Nobody really uses Icefury. Unfortunately, it's really awkward and clashes with the rest of Elemental's toolkit. Having a 1-minute cooldown and a 30-second cooldown that you don't want to stack together is terrible. If you do take it, you only use Icefury when you know you will have to move, because otherwise it isn't worth casting. It's little wonder that pretty much everyone just takes Primal Elementalist instead, because it is really strong.

The only way that Elemental really does competitive DPS is by taking the Lightning Rod talent and tab-targeting between different mobs to spread the debuff. That seems to be the talent choice that works best. For single-target sustain, Elemental is pretty sad and has been since the beginning of this expansion. It's very much a known quantity. That said, most caster classes are in the same boat.

You also have to be very much on top of Maelstrom capping, unlike Enhancement, as any wasted resource will hurt your damage.

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Yo Resto/ele guys out there. I've got same problem as you, BUT i haven't played Legion long enough to teach how to Dps.

I  main resto but thees days I am trying to respec to ELE. I've tried DPS-ing in raids/ dungs but my dps was god damn low . The main reason to main ELE is upcoming 7.1.5 patch where they've said "ele will be playable again" so iam now trying  to get ele eq asap. About the stats, Mastery is your lowest priority when it comes to  Crit- Haste -Mastery  problem.  I'd like to Quote this guy from Ele guide called  Furty


Mastery only affects 3 spells (your Maelstrom generators): Chain Lightning Icon Chain Lightning,Lightning Bolt Icon Lightning Bolt, and Lava Burst Icon Lava Burst.

Having more Critical Strike boosts the uptime on Elemental Focus Icon Elemental Focus and also amounts to a 250% damage bonus for Elemental


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