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Arms raid dps help

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Hi guys, hoping you can critique some logs for me and hopefully help me with what i am doing wrong. I know my stats are off in regards to stat prio, mastery, but i feel like it isn't the sole factor. I am looking to replace gear with proper stats.

Here are the logs for tonight's ToV raid:
and as you can see, i am ranking quite low. A side note, i was assigned to hymdall on odyn.

My armory:

I am following the advice and rotation from the arms compendium.

Thanks in advance.

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Good morning, Achnos.

For starters, here are some points from my perspective:

  • I'm not going to review your Odyn kill as you being assigned to Hymdall is, well. . . not quite the best.
  • I will review your kill on Guarm. Of the three encounters, it's the best for review in my opinion.
  • I don't review wipes.

Alright. With those things in mind, here's what I noticed:

1. You didn't use a combat potion. While this is nit-picking, every point counts. Potion of the Old War can come in with about 10% more damage done. It is worth it. If you can't afford this potion, use the Prolonged Power; it's better than nothing.

2. There are times it appears your Focused Rage stack(s) are there... and they just stay there for a period of time. While it's alright, and acceptable even, to have a duration during Headlong Charge, there were a couple of times you let it sit when it shouldn't have been sitting. (The biggest duration was during and after the second cast of Headlong Charge). Make sure you're monitoring your stacks of Focused Rage. In addition to this, proper use of Mortal Strike will just about negate this problem entirely.

You seem to also have lower-than-expected uses of Mortal Strike and Slam.

Overall, you're grasping the concept of the Arms rotation. It seems you need more practice with a correct priority while managing your buffs as well. The Arms rotation, simply put, is comparable to an "if->then" priority list. IF you have Sudden Death, IF you have Battle Cry up, IF you get a Tactician proc, THEN you should do A, B, or C, etc. You get the point. Knowing what to do in any given situation of the rotation comes with practice and continued research.

I hope this helps you to some extent.

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Thank you for getting back to me, i appreciate the feedback,
At times i was trying to use focused rage in an attempt to get a tactician proc. Is this a bad tactic? I feel like i get very rage starved if i use slam too much. 

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Generally speaking, Slam should be used above 32 rage and only when Colossus Smash / Mortal Strike are on CD. Focused Rage is used as a rage dump up until three stacks.

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