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havoc DPS help?

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I'm simming for about 40k more than I'm ever able to pull, and for the life of me I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Anyone willing to take a look with me?

Nyth (h):

the sim I ran today:

in addition to that, I have a feq questions I haven't been able to clear up.

1. eye beam is supposed to be a 1% increase to damage. is it a dps loss to use during momentum?
2. I've seen people say they just need more chaos strike casts. Should I just spam them out, or should I be pooling fury so I have it for momentum dumps?
3. should I use meta before my opener, or after I get my first round of TG's and FotI off with momentum and CB?
EX: Pot > pull > FR > CB >TG > FotI > TG >Meta
Pot >pull > Meta >FR >CB > TG > FotI > TG

basically my rotation is just keeping momentum up, and using CD's as they're available, I'll always wait to use FotI or TG until I have momentum up. I try to make every other cast of FotI to line up with CB
I do have weakauras to track FR, VR, FotI, CB, TG, and momentum, so im usually pretty good on keeping those rolling.

in case you need it:
CB = Chaos Blades
FR = Fel Rush
VR = Vengeful retreat
FotI = Fury of the Illidari
TG = Throw Glaive

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Try not to cast Chaos Strike outside of momentum, except to prevent caping Fury. You need around 60-70 fury before doing fel rush, anything above that will probably not be consumed while in momentum (unless you are in meta + bl for example). You need to work a bit more on your momentum keep up, you can do better. Eye beam is debatable wether its increase or decrease to you damage on single target. I can advise you to use it on 2 targets or more or right after VR, since you can cast while retreating (mid air) so you make your "flying backwards" time usefull. If you are not going to use Eye beam while VR, you can stack a bit more Fury than usual because VR doesnt provide you fury (unless with Prepared) so its ok to have 80-100 fury before cast it, providing that you wont get away from the boss and you can keep spamming CS of course. Most bosses on raids are with big hit boxes so you should be able to VR and still attack the boss the whole time. As for your opener, different people will tell you different things. I personaly do not like Meta engage, but it's ok. You can make a macro for Chaos Blades + Foti, since Chaos Blades doesnt set you on GCD. So its like, meta -> FR -> Chaos + Foti -> TG -> TG (if u can sqeese chaos/anni before next FR) -> FR -> spam chaos/anni. Also for pots use Old War if you want to maximize your dmg, plus second pot on next meta or BL, depending on the fight. It is good to use your racial ability Arcane Torrent before pull and on CD after this because it gives you 15 Fury, which is not crutial but its good to have.

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