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What am I doing wrong? Low DPS with logs and vid (FIRE)

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Well your not using combustion on cooldown. Probably waiting for RoP and Flame on , because you also used those outside of combustion. So yea you gota manage those so when Combustion is up that those are up. That means you can only use flame on inside of combustion, and it also means you can only use RoP once inbetween each combustion.

Actually i just looked at your opening combustion and just realized you're doing everything wrong. So watch this video.



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One problem is one of your sinews didn't crit gota get that go off inside combustion for crit and RoP benefit. 

You move around a lot when you could be casting. 

There were more then a few times you could have converted heating ups into hot streaks and you didn't. 

You needed to use an RoP between your second and third combustion. You also had 3 PF charges at this time.

You weren't fishing for pyros properly in the begining. You can notice this in the vod when the heating up pops up on your screen, but then it dissapears because a pryo hits and does not crit, this cancels the heating up. If you fish properly the heating up should never go away like that. There's a .5 second grace period where the heating up from the fireball won't be canceled by a pyro that does not crit. So yea you need to cast pyro right after the fireball, and if you have a little distance from the target it gives the pyro more time to catch the fireball because it has faster travel time.

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