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First off, I moved your post to the monk section for a reason, there was no need to create a the same thread again.  As for why I haven't replied until yet, I've been busy with school/work (I'm typing this reply up in class actually).  As for your actual logs:

  • General:
    • Nature's Call is a pretty terrible trinket.  Check out this spreadsheet for a guide on what trinkets are better/worse than others and where they rank (note that the ranking is only looking at ST numbers, not the AoE ones).
    • What kind of Artifact Path did you take?  The recommended way is to go CCW (Left path) skipping Gale Burst at first down to Tornado Kicks, then continuing CCW to Crosswinds, and then going back for Gale Burst.  This should've gotten you all 3 Golden Traits at rank 24, whereas you're at 28 and don't have Tornado Kicks.
  • Ursoc (Heroic, 273k dps kill last week)
    • 87% uptime on Hit Combo, 4 or 5 times you let it drop/dropped it.  This is pretty bad, as HC is pretty easy to keep up. 
    • Looks like a 2.4M Roaring Cacophony hit killed you, that's bad on your raid for not having enough people soaking it.
    • 8 casts of FoF, but only 33 hits.  Either you're canceling FoF early or are missing hits by being out of range.
  • Cenarius (Same log/week)
    • 10 casts of FoF, out of 15 possible
    • 2/3 casts of Touch of Death.  It has a 2min cooldown, and you should only save your last use to line it up with Serenity (or save your last use of Serenity to line it up with ToD) IF the boss will not die before the two cds align.
    • 2/4 casts of Serenity.  See ToD. 

I'll do more Bosses later, gotta pay attention here.....

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