WTF Moments Episode 70

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A new episode of WTF Moments is up and it's full of fun! Chromie constantly traps Muradin in her time traps, preventing him to claim the tribute for his team. Chen tries to soak Nova's Triple Tap to prevent an ally's death, but Alarak's use of Telekinesis hinders that. E.T.C.'s epic boss steal, Gazlowe's stealthy core destruction and more can be seen in the 70th episode of WTF Moments.

WTF Moments is a series of videos that are created using user-submitted replays featuring interesting gameplay from the Nexus.

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4 hours ago, Valhalen said:

Holy crap that Gazlowe.

I love how carefully calculated it was. Pause for the creeps. Move slightly. Pause for creeps, move out of vision. Then at the end it was just "Screw it!"

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