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another plea for help (Fury)

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Hello fellow IV Warriors,

As the title already says, i need help with my Warrior. Atm im realy frustrated with the class i had some mediocre results as arms warrior but the procbased gamestyle wasnt my thing so i decided to switch to fury.

At the moment i doesnt even know if my Stats are okay. IV tells me to go to 50% haste, some other sites go for Mastery > Haste, Simcraft goes for a pretty balanced solution between the stats. Top Scorer in WoWLogs go for Mastery .... so i'm pretty confused right now.


I'm to go for the basic rotation in the Guide, so there are minimal questions like if my raging blow is 0.3s from coming back to coldown, should i use it also when im not enraged or go first for a Bloodthirst witch is ready and go for the chance to becom enraged. And so on.


at this moment im pretty helpless, i tryed to help myself with a new interface arangement, Dummy bashing, trying to check other WLogs and i dont find where i'm doing my mistakes. I dont know if my gear is crap or i am.

So my last hope is to find someone in this bunch of Brother in Arms is who can help me.

So long and thanks for your time



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22 hours ago, Serago said:

IV tells me to go to 50% haste


It really doesn't, and I don't know how people keep misreading 'Haste is your best stat up to ~50%' as 'get 50% haste'.

That being said, a lot of the theorycrafters are getting to 24-26% haste (to get an extra GCD in during Enrage), then stacking mastery because significantly more haste creates issues with cooldowns clipping.

Going by your parse:

1. Your Enrage uptime is really low, just under 41%. You should easily be in the 65-70% range. This tells be you're either not utilizing BT during Battle Cry, or not using Rampage often enough, or using Rampage while Enraged and overwriting the buff.

2. I think your opener is a bit off; you didn't cast Dragon Roar until 9 seconds into the fight. It should be pre-pot-->charge-->Avatar-->DR--->Battle Cry--->BT crit to Enrage--->Odyn's Fury, then into your rotation. 

3. You died during the Execute phase, which will absolutely tank your numbers.

I need to get back to work, but those jump out at me. Your gear is definitely not the issue.

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Hey thanks for the fast reply,


20 hours ago, Corbuusier said:

It really doesn't, and I don't know how people keep misreading 'Haste is your best stat up to ~50%' as 'get 50% haste'.

Sorry for the missunderstanding, i dont meant to say that i have to get to 50% haste. I just wanted to say that i'am a bit confused from what top ranking players do and what i've learned so far about the stat priorities from Guides.

I will work on keeping my enrage up.I played for a while Arms so i didnt had my eye on it. And i think to make it easier i will switch also a talent. Since i doesnt have the legendary Ring, Carnage has a bit more potential then Massacre (at least i hope i dont make a mistake here).

The first DR in my opener was intentionaly not the first cast. So that DR is also influenced by the enrage insted of just the avatar. In the end my opener is

pre pot  >  charge  >  Avatar+Battle Cry  >  BT(enrage)  >  Odyns Fury  >  DR  > normal Rota

and again im not right if my thought process is right. Since ive got the dps problems im not sury about it and i will try it your way :)

thanks again

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DR always crits, and so should be used before BC since it doesn't benefit from the buff (it's also a buff in itself). Also, hitting DR first allows it to work better in the rotation.

Massacre is almost always going to beat out Carnage in a raid setting, regardless of gear.

Edited by Corbuusier

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Yeah i know that DR doesnt benefits from BC, as you said it crits 100%. But BC is'nt the part i was looking at. Its the enrage buff. when you DR after your Charge

when i focus on the dmg output from the DR in the opening rotation.

In your opener the DR will only be buffed by Avatar (just testing it on a Training Dummy)

DR + Avatar 122k dmg

in my rota when i put the DR right after the BC Buff worn off

DR+Avatar+enraged 194k dmg

its not like i dont like your opener. I just dont know why i shouldnt let the DR benefit from the enrage

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Actually I misspoke, DR should go before both Avatar and BC. This allows it to synch with the cooldowns.

DR - 25 sec cooldown

BC - 60 sec coodlown

Avatar - 90 sec cooldown


DR-->BC-->Avatar in that order aligns every 3 minutes. If you push DR into the enrage window, it's eating up GCDs for higher damage abilities like Raging Blow, and desynchs your buff cooldowns.


Don't just take my word for it, try it yourself. This is the rotation 95% of fury warriors are using.

Edited by Corbuusier

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