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Hey all, 

Been looking most of the logs i could have find about outlaws, but i can't find what's making that huge dps difference between those two fight and how can i improve ? 

Nyth HM : 317k dps

Guarn NM : 369k dps

If anyone has any idea of what can be generally improved on my gameplay, would love to know ! 

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RNG is one big factor there.

If you look at your Guarm logs, you'll see you got a 6-die roll on the fight, while back @ Nyt you had rather "poor" rolls compared to the other fight (and kept 1-die rolls). Combat has the highest damage ceiling but also the lowest damage floor, all because having 6 buffs makes you a god among men and having 1 buff... eh. I don't know if only that would make a 50k difference, but sure it has a really high impact over your DPS.

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