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Greeting all.

Hope this is the right area for this, I didn't see a "Macro Forum" and, if I did miss it, I humbly ask a moderator to please move this to the correct area.

OK - I have been struggling with making a generic macro - that I can just switch the name to change the spell, to use for all my general attacks. I am either using a Disc Priest or caster DPS. I always "Focus" my Tank in group, or the Lead Tank in raids. This will free me up with targeting a lot, so here is what I need the macro to sort out for me. I need it to "Hit" whatever needs damaging in a certain order:

Cast on "Mouseover" Shadow Word: Pain
If no Mouseover, Cast onto Focus' Target
If No, Mouseover, And no Target from my focused Tank - Cast onto Mob I have personally targeted
Clear any LUA Errors from my screen

I have had some partial success with this, but never gotten all of it worked outcorrectly.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.


Ham C

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Not sure if this option is still available:

Interface -> Help -> Untick "Display LUA errors"

Other than that you can use an addon like Bugsack

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