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Hi, we successfully killed Ursoc in Mythic, but my performance was terrible. I checked the logs I don't why I have so slow performance. (I know  1 positioning thing, but thats was for a short time.)

Here is my armory: (Armory is down right now) but here is a AskMRRobot
Here is the log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/CVZFqtz7XpxDKHRT#type=summary&source=20



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Consider reading a guide or two and try to understand them before posting you need help when clearly you don't know Havoc 101.

Most crutual to your bad damage is that you have A LOT of annihilation/chaos strikes outside of momentum window. The only reason make such casts outside of momentum is to prevent your fury from capping, which is not the issue here. You have a lot of momentum windows with ZERO casts of you main damage abilities. Your momentum uptide should be at least 55% +. Also if you want even higher damage consider Old war over Prolonged.

About your gear, Bloodthirsty (Ursoc trink) + eye of command (or Memento from Ymiron in Maw of souls) are your BiS. Take gear with Crit main stat, always. You have some gear pieces that does not even contain critical as offstat.

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