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Relic and item advice

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i need some relic advice : currently i got +860 shock treatment ,deliver the light and 865+ blessing of silver hand,is it worth to remove +860 shock treatment for 875+ focused healing relic (lay of hands) ? Item lvl > treat bonus ?


Also got today my 2nd legendary sephuz secret is that ring even worth using ?


got royal signet 865 crit+ versi,should i replace that ring for sephuz ?


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Hello Azur666,


As for the relic, Item level > trait bonus, with only one exception (going from a great trait bonus to a bad trait bonus with only 1-2 item level(s) upgrade). In your case, going from 860 to 875 is a 5 item level upgrade ("+46 item level" into "+51 item level"). In short, you should definitely upgrade to the 875 item level relic , even if the trait is worse.


As for the legendary ring - congrats on finding it! - the answer to the question is not a clear cut, or rather, the question is incomplete. Seeing as you're already wearing a legendary, one question is whether or not you have unlocked the second legendary slot. If you have, then it is a clear upgrade on your royal signet, even without taking the legendary effect into consideration.

If you do not have the secondary legendary slot unlocked, then your Ilterendi in almost all cases the better choice. Both in secondary stats and legendary power. Sephuz's Secret becomes more valuable in 7.1.5 than it is right now, and will be a much better choice than Ilterendi (assuming Ilterendi does not get a boost in 7.1.5) in some fights, such as on Helya, where you can reliably dispel a friendly target often for 25% haste. Ilterendi pulls quite far ahead of Sephuz's Secret in fights where you cannot reliably proc Sephuz's Secret.

It is worth noting that Sephuz's Secret "proc on dispel" effect in 7.1.5 only works when you actually dispel something. I.e. using Cleanse on a friendly target that will not remove a debuff (Such as no debuff or a debuff that cannot be removed by Cleanse, like physical dots, curses etc.) will not be able to proc for you. Furthermore, it also does not proc in 7.1.5 when you use Blessing of Freedom to remove movement impairing abilities, even if they're magical in nature. This may or may not be intended.


I hope to have given you enough feedback for you to be able to make an informed decision regarding these items and factors. Good luck and may the loot gods favor you!

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