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another help me im fury post 8(

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1. You're missing a couple enchants (neck, ring). You also have plenty of haste and can swap the haste gem in your Ayala's to a Saber's Eye of Strength.

2. Your trinkets, like mine, are unfortunately not good for Fury. But RNG giveth and RNG taketh away.


Looking at your Nythendra fight:

3. Your Enrage uptime is too low (just under 55%). You should be pushing 65-70%. This tells me you're either not utilizing BT during Battle Cry, or not using Rampage often enough, or using Rampage while Enraged and overwriting the buff.

4. Your ring appears to have procced many times during the fight and Execute went unused.

5. Potion of the Old War, while expensive, is still better for us than Prolonged Power.

6. Check to make sure your opener is correct: pre-pot-->charge-->DR-->Avatar-->Battle Cry--->RB--->BT crit to Enrage--->Odyn's Fury--->RB, and into the rest of the rotation.

7. You could have cast Raging blow more often (34 out of a possible 52 times) , and BT more often (39 out of a possible 52 times).



Again, low Enrage uptime (55%), but better usage of RB and BT (35/41 and 39/41 respectively). Your Odyn's Fury only crit 50%, so you're using while Battle Cry is down sometimes. 



Odyn's Fury again used off Battle Cry. This should account for a huge amount of your damage on this fight with all the adds. 51% Enrage uptime. 


If I have more time today I'll look at the other fights.


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thanx for the help here is my latest log i still have to re gem but i not sure to hit rampage at 100 rage or do i wait till the enrage is off and take the chance of loosing the rampage?

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