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Outlaw guide needs fixin'

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Greenskin's is currently 400%, not 300 - and it's being buffed to 700.

Trinket sims are almost 6 months old now and completely out of alignment with current values

  1. Memento of Angerboda is essentially impossible to target, given 1 shot at the normal mythic and your weekly chest - maw+ runs are now solely the domain of carry groups and are not practical to try and get into.
  2. No math should be including t19 in the dps values at this time.

Shadowcraft can't currently sim anything correctly due to incorrect recalculating for m+ and wildly unrealistic values (ex: horn of valor is listed as 20k+, nothing else is above 1700).

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Not an expert, but I can provide a comparison point.

You have waterlogged wristcuffs but it doesn't seem like you're using BTE on cooldown - my recent Xavius kill had a ~16% damage contribution from blunderbuss and pistol shot, while yours is less than half that. On the second Xavius, it looks like you kept a double buff during your CDs that included Broadsides, which is basically the same as a single. Following your open, you kept a single broadsides for a while. 

Here's a recent (lucky) parse of mine for comparison.


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