Having dps issues as bm need assistance

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So I'm having issue with Bm I'm not sure if im doing the rotation wrong or if im stacking the wrong stuff with my gear I have and 877 ILVL but cant hold my dps about 250k. while other hunters in the guild/raid with same Ilvl or a little lower just smoke my dps. please help at the point of just quitting the game been a hunter for so long now

here is my wowlogs

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Your mastery is really really low for your ilvl. I'm 868 and I've got 12k mastery. My mastery is sitting around 98% in BM (last I checked) and my kill command ends up doing a lot more overall damage than yours. I generally don't slip under 290-300k dps at any point so that could be a huge part of it.

You lack several proper gems and enchants - this would be quite a nice boost.

Twisting Wind trinket got nerfed ages ago, it's not very good at all; even a WQ mastery one would be infinitely better. 

Talk to Chimerash, they seem to have a good idea of what to do, their damage is nice and even spikes. 

Are you pre-potting & potting, mastery food & flask etc? 

You also have Call of the Wild bracers - this should really be syncing up with your BW and it's not really looking like your burst phases are syncing well; BM is very cooldown based and you'll often find your dps slips when not using BW, but your burst should be phenomenal with your extra Aspect of the Wild.

I just think little things like that and really trying to pay attention to the little parts of the rotation like optimising cooldowns to sync with each other (Crows & TT especially) and making sure you have near max fury at the start of each burst phase etc.

It's been a while since I've had to deal a lot with logs, and my last experienced was in SoO as a warlock, but that's the main things I can see so far.

If you have any more questions, I'd be more than happy to do my best to help.

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