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Hi Rerrwu,


first of all, i can see you have not a lot of chance with your legendary items ;)

However, what i can tell you seeing yours stats, is that you don't have enough haste. From my experience, you need between 21.50 and 22% haste. it will decrease your GCD, and you will be able to use fire of justice and blade of wrath more often, so you will fill your holy power faster. And the 4% between your haste and the 22% can really change a lot. And once you have 22%, up your crit.

The second tip i can give you is to maximize your use of blade of wrath. as soon as available, use it. the gain of 2 holy power is very powerful. And of course, as soon as you have 4 or 5 holy power, use templar verdict.

And you have to reduce your mastery. really really to much mastery.

just by curiosity, what is your dps?

and for your arm artefacts, if you can, use the ones that increase the time of crusade (but the best is still to keep the ones that give you the most level item of course)


Hope that will be some help, and sorry for bad english




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