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[Balance Druid] Log Analysis

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Same old question:

Why do you feel you're not where you should be ? Your dps is more than decent. (71% rating on Ursoc). If you want to climb this ladder, you'll have to do stupid things like get better dps with you so the fight only last 3 minutes and time your incarnation right on the blood lust.

Here are things I noticed though, on the Ursoc kill:

1/ your moonfire uptime is 75%. Slightly low. It's an instant so technically you should be able to achieve 95%.

2/ try the prolonged power potion, twice per fight (with prepot)

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Agreeing that your DPS is more than fine for your ilvl and spec. You have the fundamentals down -- now it's just a matter of practice and setting up your UI so you make as few mistakes as possible. Also, prepot, at least with prolonged power. (If you're unfamiliar with what that is, it's when you use a potion right before the pull, so that the cooldown starts and you can use a second potion during the fight)

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