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Frost DK machine gun rotation with Toravon's bindings for single target

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I have two legendaries right now: Perseverance of the Ebon Martyr and Toravon's whiteout bindings. My question is: is it worth it to use the Machine gun rotation with Frostscythe even for single target?

Here's my thinking: the single target rotation recommands Avalanche or Icecap, Runic Attenuation, Frozen Pulse and Obliteration. If I change Runic Attenuation to Frostscythe:

  • Icecap will reduce the cooldown of pillar of frost
  • Everytime I use pillar of frost, Toravon's Bindings will give me 15% increased frost damage
  • If i have enough resources to do so, I can use Obliteration and spend all my KM procs on frostscyte for increased frost damage
  • If i don't have anything (which is a situation i'll get more often with the lack of Runic Attenuation), i'll still have frozen pulse (also frost damage) to use the +15% damage

So my question is: does that look worth it? Or should I keep having runic attenuation and use the standard frost strike/obliterate/howling blast and keep my KM procs for obliterate? (inb4 "simulate it", i guess i'll do that right now)


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For ST nothing beats the OBRA build... yet.

I think we'll see enough significant change in 7.1.5 that advice given today may have to be retracted or modified.

ME increasing proc chance, Freezing Fog going up in damage, Howling Blast getting a nerf on AoE... and the intriguing changes to Breath of Sindragosa and Hungering Rune Weapon all add up to a very fluid situation.

I have the same legendaries and am mainly speccing for M+ hybrid builds.. I just suck it up for ST in raids.

I use ME in place of RA mainly because I like the utility of reliable AoE from Frostscythe but also to give an alternative to the resource funnel that is RA, getting free runes instead of RP.

I still find Obliteration weaves nice burst in even for ST if you spam FS and Oblits a Rime proc(s) can be very nice.

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As an addition to the above:

The Nighthold Tier set is centred around increased chance on Rime and gaining runic power from it.

This focus purely on Rime is significant, we can choose to ignore it and just get the benefit passively within our preferred rotations...

However, for those like us with the legendary helm in addition to the bracers it takes on new weight, I would say, increasing length of RW in combination with +40% Rime procs cannot be ignored.

Without Gathering Storm, I get 3 Rime procs within the RW window on a good day, each of these can crit for 1.2mil... now it doesn't take a genius to see the potential if that is significantly extended.

On top, combine Hungering Rune Weapon with Breath of Sindragosa and you've got a very good replacement for Frostscythe... solid  dependable AoE.

Personally, I am most interested to test this talent build come the release of 7.1.5:


If it turns out in any way competitive, then it will be 100% the goal to get at least the x2 tier bonus, the x4 will just make it even easier to keep BoS up.

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