[Area 52]<Heretics>(7/7H 3/3N) LF Heals/dps for Mythic Progression

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We are a semi hardcore raiding guild most of us are laid back top performers that are looking to progress at a steady pace with serious raiders.  Many of us have raided together since Cata.

We are currently looking to add some dedicated members to our core raiding team for an all guild member Mythic Progression. 

Our raid times are Saturday and Sunday from 3:00pm -7:00pm EST. 

Our primary dps spots are for one ranged dps (Lock prefered, or any with heals offspec) and one melee dps (with tanking offspec preferred). 

We also have primary spots for healers with priority given to High AOE heals.

We also have an active RBG team for Season 2, weekly mythic+, and kara runs. 

If you are not Mythic ready we are always willing to run Normal/Heroic content to help get members geared and offer incentives for server transfers.

Battletag: Cynfilled#1510

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