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5.4 PTR Caster (Warlock specific) Gear Preview

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Alright Warlocks (and some stray casters visiting the Warlock forums), here is some datamined Siege of Orgrimmar loot!

Current list as of 7/29/2013

inv_sword_1h_orgrimmarraid_d_03.jpgArcweaver Spell Sword - 8th boss, Haste/Crit 1H Sword
inv_stave_2h_thunderisleraid_d_02.jpgGaze of Arrogance - 4th boss, Crit/Mastery 2H Staff
inv_stave_2h_thunderisleraid_d_02.jpgLever of the Megantholithic Apparatus - 12th boss, Haste/Crit 2H Staff
inv_knife_1h_pvppandarias2_c_02.jpgRik'kal's Bloody Scalpel - 13th boss, Hit/Crit 1H Dagger
inv_wand_1h_thunderisleraid_d_01.jpgImmaculately Preserved Wand - 10th boss, Crit/Mastery 1H Wand

Thoughts: bleh. Crit on every single piece. Only hit on one piece, and that one has Crit, so we'll likely be avoiding that dagger. Also note that the Crit/Mastery staff drops off of the 4th boss, but the other drops are off the 8th, 10th, 12th, and 13th bosses putting a pretty big gate on weapons for guilds that won't destroy all normals the first week.

inv_offhand_1h_thunderisleraid_d_02.jpgJuggernaut's Power Core - 6th boss, Crit/Haste
inv_offhand_1h_thunderisleraid_d_02.jpgFestering Primordial Globule - 11th boss, Hit/Haste
inv_offhand_1h_thunderisleraid_d_02.jpgRevelations of Y'Shaarj - 14th boss, Haste/Mastery

Thoughts: well, they rewarded us by giving us OH's without Crit, unlike on the weapons. This tier, it will be optimal to go MH/OH with that sexy Haste/Mastery OH.

inv_helm_cloth_raidwarlock_n_01.jpgHood of the Horned Nightmare - Tier - Haste/Mastery
inv_helm_cloth_raidmage_m_01.jpg5.4 Raid - Normal - Siege of Orgrimmar - Boss 14 Loot 2 - Cloth Int Hit Helm - 14th boss, Haste/Mastery
inv_helm_cloth_raidmage_m_01.jpgFlameslinger's Fiery Cowl - 5th boss, Hit/Haste
inv_helm_cloth_raidwarlock_m_01.jpgHood of Swirling Senses - 1st boss, Crit/Mastery

Thoughts: Tier helm is awesome. Get it.

inv_jewelry_necklace_123.jpgUntainted Guardian's Chain - 3rd boss, Hit/Mastery
inv_jewelry_necklace_123.jpgAshflare Pendant - 7th boss, Hit/Haste

Thoughts: yay! Choose between Haste or Mastery! Also, one drops early at the 3rd boss while the second drops pretty early as well at the 7th boss. Neck slot won't be an issue in 5.4!

inv_shoulder_cloth_raidwarlock_n_01.jpgMantle of the Horned Nightmare - Tier - Crit/Haste
inv_shoulder_cloth_raidmage_m_01.jpgCalamity Spike Shoulderpads - 2nd boss, Hit/Mastery
inv_shoulder_cloth_raidmage_m_01.jpgSpaudlers of Kor'kron Fealty - 8th boss, Hit/Haste
inv_shoulder_cloth_raidmage_m_01.jpgRime-Rift Shoulders - 3rd boss, Crit/Mastery

Thoughts: good variety in shoulders. Tier is Crit/Haste.

inv_robe_cloth_raidwarlock_n_01.jpgRobes of the Horned Nightmare - Tier - Crit/Mastery
inv_robe_cloth_raidwarlock_m_01.jpgRobes of the Tendered Heart - 2nd boss, Hit/Haste
inv_chest_cloth_raidmage_n_01.jpgMantid Vizier's Robes 10th boss, Haste/Crit
inv_robe_cloth_raidwarlock_n_01.jpgAkolik's Acid-Soaked Robes - Crit/Mastery

Thoughts: Tier is Crit/Mastery. Crit on 3/4 chest pieces.

inv_cloth_raidpriest_n_01bracer.jpgBracers of Sonic Projection - Crit/Haste
inv_bracer_cloth_raidmage_m_01.jpgBracers of Broken Causation - 3rd boss, Hit/Mastery
inv_bracer_cloth_raidmage_m_01.jpgScalebane Bracers - 5th boss, Hit/Crit
inv_bracer_cloth_raidmage_m_01.jpgAvool's Ancestral Bracers - 10th boss, Haste/Mastery

Thoughts: yay! no more random enchantment bullshit. Those Haste/Mastery bracers look sexy. Shadow Priests will want the Haste/Mastery bracers as well Arcane and Frost Mages. Fire Mages will likely want the Hit/Crit version.

inv_glove_cloth_raidwarlock_n_01.jpgGloves of the Horned Nightmare - Tier - Crit/Mastery
inv_glove_cloth_raidmage_m_01.jpgFusespark Gloves - 12th boss, Crit/Mastery
inv_glove_cloth_raidwarlock_m_01.jpg5.4 Raid - Normal - Siege of Orgrimmar - Trash Loot - Cloth Int Hit Gloves - trash drop, Hit/Haste
inv_glove_cloth_raidwarlock_m_01.jpgMontak's Grips of Scorching Breath - 11th boss, Crit/Haste
inv_glove_cloth_raidwarlock_m_01.jpgBlight Hurlers - 3rd boss, Hit/Crit

Thoughts: wow, plenty of choices for gloves. Sadly, the best looking ones at the moment are the trash drop ones. Tier has Crit.

inv_belt_cloth_raidwarlock_m_01.jpgBelt of Ominous Trembles - 5th boss, Hit/Mastery
inv_belt_cloth_raidwarlock_m_01.jpgMiasmic Skullbelt - 9th boss, Hit/Crit

Thoughts: just like T15, there is only one belt we want. At least the Mages have a belt they will want that is different from ours now.

inv_boot_cloth_raidmage_m_01.jpgSha-Seared Sandals - 2nd boss, Hit/Haste
inv_boot_cloth_raidmage_m_01.jpgBone-Inlaid Sandals - 6th boss, Haste/Mastery
inv_boot_cloth_raidmage_m_01.jpgToxic Tornado Treads - 7th boss, Crit/Mastery

Thoughts: 1 awesome pair of boots, 1 decent pair, and 1 meh pair. Still, 2 pairs without Crit is better than what we saw this tier...

inv_pant_cloth_raidwarlock_n_01.jpgLeggings of the Horned Nightmare - Tier - Crit/Mastery
inv_pant_cloth_raidwarlock_m_01.jpgLeggings of Furious Flame - 6th boss, Haste/Mastery

Thoughts: only one pair of non-tier legs released so far. They are delicious. The Tier legs, however, are not.

inv_jewelry_ring_169.jpgPetrified Pennyroyal Ring - 2nd boss, Hit/Crit
inv_jewelry_ring_169.jpgExtinguished Ember of Galakras - 5th boss, Hit/Haste
inv_jewelry_ring_169.jpgIyyokuk's Hereditary Seal - 13th boss, Hit/Mastery
inv_jewelry_ring_169.jpg5.4 Raid - Normal - Siege of Orgrimmar - Wildcard - Int Hit Ring - shared loot, Crit/Haste
inv_jewelry_ring_ahnqiraj_02.jpgSignet of the Dinomancers - Haste/Mastery

Thoughts: going to want the two rings without Crit. Both have Hit, so reforge the Hit into the optimal stat it is missing so they both have Hit, Haste, and Mastery on them.

spell_shadow_mindflay.jpgPurified Bindings of Immerseus - still no boss indicator of where it drops from, but name suggests first boss, Immerseus. Intellect proc + very nice passive
spell_shadow_mindflay.jpgKardris' Toxic Totem - still no boss indicator of where it drops from. Crit + extra damage proc
spell_shadow_mindflay.jpgFrenzied Crystal of Rage - still no boss indicator of where it drops from. Mastery + extra damage proc (AoE)
spell_shadow_mindflay.jpgAlpha and Omega - Haste + stacking Intellect proc
spell_shadow_mindflay.jpg5.4 Raid - Normal - Siege of Orgrimmar - Boss X Loot X - Int Hit Trinket (5) - still no boss indicator of where it drops from. Intellect + crit proc

Thoughts: Amplification trinket looks pretty sexy. Int proc is huge. All of the other trinkets are subject to their ®PPM factors and how often they proc. Hard to analyze otherwise.

Loot by Boss Chart
1st boss - Crit/Mastery Helm
2nd boss - Hit/Mastery Shoulders, Hit/Haste Chest, Hit/Haste Boots, Hit/Crit Ring
3rd boss - Hit/Mastery Neck, Crit/Mastery Shoulders, Hit/Mastery Bracers, Hit/Crit Gloves
4th boss - 2H Crit/Mastery Weapon
5th boss - Hit/Haste Helm, Hit/Crit Bracers, Hit/Mastery Belt, Hit/Haste Ring
6th boss - Crit/Haste OH, Haste/Mastery Legs, Haste/Mastery Boots
7th boss - Hit/Haste Neck, Crit/Mastery Boots
8th boss - 1H Haste/Crit Weapon, Hit/Haste Shoulders
9th boss - Hit/Crit Belt
10th boss - 1H Crit/Mastery Weapon, Hit/Crit Chest, Haste/Mastery Bracers
11th boss - Hit/Haste OH, Crit/Haste Gloves
12th boss - 2H Haste/Crit Weapon, Hit/Haste Gloves
13th boss - 1H Hit/Crit Weapon, Hit/Mastery Ring
14th boss - Haste/Mastery OH, Haste/Mastery Helm

Since the trinkets aren't released yet, I'd think good spots for them to drop would be Boss 1, Boss 4, Boss 8, Boss 9, and Boss 11, 12, 13, or 14. We'll find out soon...

Pretty awesome stuff. I'm enjoying the variety of gear and really enjoying seeing Haste and Mastery on a lot of pieces including the off-hands. Sadly each weapon has Crit on it, but the weapon doesn't have as much secondary stats as the off-hand, so it works out. The weapon contains spell power while the bulk of your Intellect and secondary stats will come from OH. Trinket selection is pretty easy. It's hard to analyze tier pieces at the moment because I'm unsure if the stats are staying the same or being modified. Also, the set bonuses are being tweaked, so seeing if the set bonuses are worth it is indefinite at the moment.


EDIT: 8/5/2013: A very relaxed BiS-type profile analysis prioritizing Mastery > Haste > Crit and ignoring Hellscream Weapons/Off-Hand and all 5 Tier pieces


Total Available Red Gems = 8

Total Available Yellow Gems = 4

Total Available Blue Gems = 3


Gem additions - 8 Artful = 640 Intellect/1280 Mastery, 4 Fractured = 1280 Mastery, 3 Sensei's = 480 Mastery/480 Hit + Socket Bonuses of 720 Intellect, 180 Crit, 120 Haste


Enchant additions - 745 Intellect, 265 Crit, 310 Mastery


After Reforging

Total Base Intellect - 19161

Total Base Haste - 10889

Total Base Crit - 4504

Total Base Mastery - 10991

Total Base Hit - 5088


After Bonuses

Total Base Intellect - 21266

Total Base Haste - 11351

Total Base Crit - 4949

Total Base Mastery - 14341

Total Base Hit - 5226


With Bindings bonus of 16% Haste + 16% Mastery

Int - 21266

SP - 14225

Haste - 13167

Crit - 4949

Mastery - 16636

Hit - 5226


SP - 14225

Crit % = (21266/2533.6636) + (4949/600) = 8.39 + 8.24 + 5 = 21.63%

Haste % = 30.98%

Afflic Mastery % = 25 + 83.18 = 108.18%

Demo Mastery % = 8 + 27.73 = 35.73% (107.19% in Meta)

Destruction Mastery % = 8 + 27.73 = 35.73% for Incinerate, Immo, and Conflag (107.19% for Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn)


Raid buffed

SP - 39040

Crit = 26.63%

Haste = 37.53%

Demo Mastery = 40.73% (122.19% in Meta)

Afflic Mastery = 123.18%

Destro Mastery = 40.73% (122.19% for Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn)

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I'm excited about a sword woepen so that I can transmogrify it into dang of twilight for when I get my challenge mode gear.

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A shame they nerf the DS just because this buff, they should made a new trinket, not nerfed a hability because of it.

DS isn't nerfed?

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It's everywhere. i can count on my fingers how many haste /mastery int stuff there is , which is like 3-4 this tier. -_-

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I'm excited about a sword woepen so that I can transmogrify it into dang of twilight for when I get my challenge mode gear.

I am doing the EXACT same thing. Got the Heroic version and it matches so beautifully with the gear...I was contemplating taking that Spirit sword from Jin'rokh just to use the xmog haha

Only thing i have to say is .... Crit. Crit EVERYWHERE.

There is a much higher variety of pieces without Crit than we faced this tier. Sure, Crit is on every weapon, but as stated in my original post, a higher portion of the secondary stats comes from your off-hand, of which we have much better options than we had in T15.

It's everywhere. i can count on my fingers how many haste /mastery int stuff there is , which is like 3-4 this tier. Posted Image

Remember, you need some Hit on your gear. Try to look at the pieces with Hit/Haste and Hit/Mastery as well.

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since wowhead provides us now with some names for the trinkets, it should be safe to say that 1# comes from Immerseus(1. boss) and #2 from the Korkron Dark Shamans(7. boss)

Such an awesome trinket right from the first boss, seems a lot of people will get happy a lot earlier this content

Edited by check0790

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Tier has crit on 3 / 5 pieces Posted Image , at least there's no hit.


The wowhead ptr shows Crit on everything except Helm. I have the list updated.

Also, trinkets are updated. Looks like the % to cleave or multi-hit has been increased, but I still haven't found any released RPPM or proc rate numbers to analyze yet.

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I'm the only sad that the "Warlock T16 Transmog belt" have Crit and our BIS with Mastery is the mage one?

You actually show the gear you are wearing? I un-transmogged 3 days ago, suffered a short stroke, and Alt-f4'd out of there. I came back and everything was ok.

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You actually show the gear you are wearing? I un-transmogged 3 days ago, suffered a short stroke, and Alt-f4'd out of there. I came back and everything was ok.

Don't know how T16 will be in Troll Model, T15 it's fine but T14 it's just amazing, mainly because don't show the tusks xD

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Yeah wowdb and wowhead are in disagreement. I'm thinking (and hoping) the wowdb database is more accurate here. Not usually 4 pieces of tier with the same secondary stat on it.

But if it ever happens, it has to be crit :D

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