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Frost mage DPS

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Hey guys. So I feel like I could and should be doing much better dps with my gear and I feel I'm really struggling in heroic Emerald Nightmare compared to Normal Trial of Valor.  They feel about the same difficulty really. Here are the logs, H EN for tonight, and TOV from last week.



Any tips would be a lot of help :)  Thank you!


Edit: Forgot to post a link to my armory. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malygos/Andromedá/simple

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The most glaring issue I noticed off the bat was your Icy Veins didn't last for any extra time, yet you did no damage with either of the other final tier choices. Are you specced into Comet Storm and just not using it, or are you just not casting the Ice Lances required to extend Icy Veins in any meaningful way?


If you are running Thermal Void(which you should) and Ray of Frost at the same time, I've found it better to open with Orb and Frozen Touch and use up all of those Ice Lances to extend IV a bit and get them on cooldown before dropping your rune and using ray. Just make sure there'll be that 20% boost from your artifact available for the whole ray for maximum output. Ideally you'll be able to hold IV up until the second ray, but that can be tough and may be linked to heavy gear.


I haven't really found Frost Bomb to be as good of damage when running Ray of Frost, since you use up so much of your time casting ray, you need as many globals as you can get to generate more to keep IV rolling for as long as possible. Obviously this does not apply during a cleave scenario, Frost Bomb as much as possible in that case.


Leafing through the Ursoc timelines I found a few gaps, including one where you cast Icy Floes twice, but it was a good 4 seconds between the Ice Lance and the Ebonbolt. Gaps in the rotation hurt, especially when trying to keep IV up. Predict boss movement and anything that can knock you around, and if you can't think of what else to hit at that time, default to Frostbolt. Always be casting something. Is Ursoc about to charge? Hit Icy Floes 3 times in preparation and keep casting as normal. Better to waste an Icy Floes charge on a fight where you will only get knocked around a few times than lose a cast because you didn't have floes up. Also on the topic of that charge, don't put yourself in a position that the boss will range you for long. If you aren't in the soak group, put yourself parallel to the soakers, so when he charges you can keep casting as he goes out and runs back. Shimmer can be great for a scenario like that, as he starts charging follow with the shimmer(don't get run over) and then move back using instant cast globals.


I also noticed a Rune of Power that had it's entire duration used to sling Frostbolts. I know it was near to the end of the fight, but unless you have 2 charges and just have to get it rolling on CD again, save that Rune for procs. Frozen Core and Water Jet have very short CDs, so it's easy to get some Fingers charges before you rune.


Also, while looking through your pet damage, you used Water Jet during a Ray. That's a big mistake. Water Jet doesn't do all that much damage, it is there mostly to generate fingers. If you cast Water Jet about halfway through a frostbolt and immediately follow with another Frostbolt you can get 2 charges of Fingers from one Jet pretty easily.

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I don't play frostmage but I can say, that playing with Ray of Frost is really difficult. You need a lot of micromanagement to get the most of it and a hell lot of haste.


Hopefully someone else could help you out here :)

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