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Another fix my DPS

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Hi guys i am concious there are a number of fix my dps threads already, however any help would be appreciated because otherwise my raid leader will kill me.

So we cleared HC Odyn last night, he is particularly tough for melee DPS due to mechanics but i have a log for Guarm where i think i should be hitting at least 350K but i am doing max 250K.



I Know the seedpot trinket sucks and i am hoping to get some good RNG this week to pick up something better.

Really will appreciate any advice.



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Hey m4DD0gg,

all I have to mention is that your enrage uptime is really low. you need to get 65% at least. 

But imho it's normal for meele at guarm to get a drop off dps. That's because you can't hit him while he's running.....

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