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Marksman Hunter DPS help

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Hello Hunter community,

I wanted to see if someone can look at a guild mate's armory and logs from our Emerald Nightmare normal run from last night.  For his current iLevel he is not putting out the DPS that he feels he should.  we have researched and tried everything and he wants to get his numbers up.  I raid lead for us and I told him I would reach out to see what I can find for him.  

Here is his armory


Here is our logs from our Normal clear last night, now to be known he did not have a flask because it was normal, and we save them for heroic.



Thank you Community any help will be greatly appreciated!!!




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Too many casts of Bursting Shot on fights like Nythendra; with 9 casts I don't think the amount of damage it did was really worth the global.

Murder of Crows instead of Barrage? Barrage benefits from MM mastery so would have done significantly more damage, and if he was using Bursting Shot as a filler for movement intensive phases, then barrage would've done a far better job. 

His dps should be peaking in the execute phase thanks to Bullseye, and that's when he should be using his Trueshot if the fight doesn't go for more than 3 minutes. It doesn't look like on fights like Nythendra that he uses Trueshot more than once, resulting in a huge overall dps loss.

Honestly; he has gear with no mastery on it. BM and MM THRIVE off of mastery, he needs mastery on ever piece of armour. Even if it's a 10-15 ilvl downgrade, the mastery makes up for it.

Neck enchant? Makes up about 3-4% of dps depending on the fight. Not a huge amount but we're talking the difference between 300 and 310k, which looks a lot better.

Even just little things like that can be the difference. I'm not the best with logs as I can't see your rotation but check the icy-veins guide and really try and spend time just focusing on dummies using that. I follow it to the best that I can and can always keep at least 300 single target if not more at 865.

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Thank you so much for the response.   I will pass this along to him as well.

We both were not great at reading logs so that was why we wanted to ask the community!


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I agree with Andanath.

First his burst shot shouldn't be part of his single target rotation, only multiple targets.  Here is a clip from the guide. 

Magnetized Blasting Cap Launcher Icon Magnetized Blasting Cap Launcher are a pair of Legendary bracers that increase the damage done by Bursting Shot Icon Bursting Shot by 800%, and increases its range by 30 yards. This elevates Bursting Shot Icon Bursting Shot to your multi-target damage priority (>2 targets), instead of only being used as a crowd control ability. It is especially powerful for Mythic+ dungeons, but its usefulness in raids is limited unless you can combine its AoE damage with its crowd control capability in a meaningful way. 

Second the bulleyes trait.. Tell him to told his last trueshot to when bosses are under 20%. At that point we get start to build 1% crit up to 30 stack per damaging shot. With Trueshot @20% you build it faster and stack the crit bonus you get from trueshot. 

Third. Enchants, potions etcc. Potion alone at 4%-6% damage, neck enchant add 1.5-2%... 

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