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Need help with hps in raids(

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Hey guys, my HPS (character name "Сатариал") is so low that i need some help with healing and even builds. I have some logs, where i am quite as good as another holy paladin "Борякус" in same gear but still it is very low in comparison with our shaman(

My logs

I know there are a lot of good holy paladins here on I-V forums, thats why i am here wrighting my post in dispair:(

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Hi Satarial, 

1) Firts of all, you have to try to reverse the statistics. You need more Mastery than Critic. 25/30% critic and 45%+ Mastery.

2) I see some fights of your log and you have to stay on the melee whenever you can.

3) You have to use more often "Aura Mastery", 1/2 for fight. I see some battle without. You have to use when there are a lot of aoe damage.

4) You have to use more ofthen "Tyr's Deliverance", a round 3/4 for fight. And Try to use 1/2 seconds before a high aoe damage for improve your healling.

5) I have seen that in your raid any paladin use "Judgment of Light" (tier 6 talent). If you take this you can improve your heal a round (10/12%). Always one paladin have to take this (usually tank, if you dont have pala tank you have to take it).

6) This is more about game style, but I usually use a lot "Light of the Martyr" combined with "Bestow Faith" on me when i move. Usually i cast "Bestow Faith" on me and then 2 "Light of The Martyr", this when i dont have the shield of the legendary neck.

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Thank you very much Noanda! Just saw your response.  First item discouraged me, cause i thought that crit has more priority than mastery. This can explain why in Logs of first kill our top paladin has almost double healing from all his spells.

Really sorry for my not best eng

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