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Please check out my logs and help with DPS if you can.

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Something really funky is going on there. Your uptimes on your buffs were relatively okay, as good or better than the other Enhancement in your raid, but his uptime on Stormbringer was a whopping 59.38% and you were at 35.98%. I was scratching my head.. then I looked you up and checked out your gear.


Mastery is way too low, and I mean drastically low. You are missing a neck enchant as well, but that by itself won't completely close the gap. I wouldn't go super far to try and change it, because all sorts of stuff is going to change in 7.1.5 gearing wise, but that is absolutely the reason why you are not performing well right now.

Eye of Command is a problematic trinket. I use it myself, but sparingly, only on fights like H Nythendra or Ursoc that have no adds to deal with. Enhancement's ace card is its ability to target swap and delete adds with the quickness, and EoC gets in the way of that. It also doesn't do anything to improve our rotation or increase proc chances, the way that trinkets with Haste or Mastery do.

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