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Demo help me please!

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Sorry I see I haven't put this in the right thread, I will move it once I get back onto my PC later..


Hey, im getting a little concerned with my performance in my raids at the moment as i seem to be doing very very badly considering my "ability" and my gear any help would be truly appreciated, i have logs from ursoc HC the other week and my armory. thanks to all the summoners for the help <3





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Oi, this is going to be messy mate.

  1. Your transmog. I mean...its just...omg...my eyes are offended dude. Are you a warlock or a rice farming?
  2. You spent a large amount of time Soul Shard capped, wasting 12 SS's in the proces.
  3. Demonic Empowerment was only up 55.04% of the time, that is about 54% less than it should be.
  4. Doom uptime was good.
  5. 8 casts of Call Dreadstalkers, should have had at least 14.
  6. Hand of Gul'dan cast number is good...in fact it is high...I had to look a little deeper to find the problem, you're casting HoG at 2, 3, sometimes even ONE Soul Shard. You NEVER cast HoG with less than 4.
  7. Only 2 TKC, should have had 5.

There might be other issues but those are what I saw first and gives you some major things to work on.

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Thanks for the info, I will look into why I seem to be doing those things the wrong way, regarding the transmog, how can you not like raiden, he is awesome! 

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