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Best use for Aman'Thul's Wisdom

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So I looted my first legendary, Aman'Thul's Wisdom and I know the benefit is situational, but I am wondering if you can give me some suggestions on how to maximize it's potential.  I am specifically curious about talents and rotations.  I was messing with talents last night, so my armory isn't exactly what I may have been using.

Right now I am stretching my legs in EN normal and I have just started doing some regular mythics.  I've felt fine in a raid situation, but my mythic experience has been nerve wracking and I felt like  was constantly playing catch up with people dropping too low too quickly.  I've been trying to see if I can use my heightened senses procs to line up a big aoe healing output, but not sure that was practical.

Here is my armory. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/shadow-council/Veredria/simple

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Aman'Thul's potential is directly tied to your knowledge of any given fight.  Ideally you'd know when big AoE damage is coming out and start blanketing an appropriate amount of time beforehand depending if it's 5 man or raid content.  Germination is a little overkill in Raids if you're planning on doing this, but great for Mythics.  Good example being Serpentrix or whatever in EoA.  15~ seconds before submerge start blanketing.  After a full blanket has been applied cast WG and Flourish for essentially Tranquility.

Study up!

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