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Pvp trinkets are OP?

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 Unholy dk here. Ive got an 850 hunger with a socket, an 855 angerboda, 855 spiked counterweight, 860 horn of valor with a socket and an 835 trinket with static crit and a str proc that i got from pvp. After simming it looks like the hunger and the 835 crit str proc trinket are the best combo. Has anyone else encountered this? How can it be that good? I kinda feel like ignoring simcraft and running with the hunger and the angerboda. Anyone have thoughts on this?

heres my armory profile.http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/kelthuzad/Wildcaard/simple

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It's simply because Spiker counterweight, horn of valor are both trash trinkets. And without bracers strength isn't as strong as it should be which makes crit hugely more valued making the crit more valueable than the Bodas strength. With that said you also have to remember that it's a lot of strength proccing how often? who knows RPPM system but assuming it's a 33% uptime like more RPPM trinkets averages out to like 800 or so which yeah. But if it has a higer Uptime which i very well could because of it's duration being longer than most trinkets this xpac.  it could be like 1k, or 1.2k etc.


Honestly though with that said I'd still use boda just because boda is probably realistically better.

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