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Arcane Stat Priorities

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I decided to sim myself to get more accurate stat priorities, as an arcane mage, and got wildly different stat priorities than what the guide says, and I've been wondering whether that's due to a mistake on my part while simming (never done it before), or whether that's to be expected.  The guide lists the weights as:

  1. Intellect: 1.00
  2. Mastery: 0.85
  3. Critical Strike: 0.84
  4. Versatility: 0.78
  5. Haste: 0.72


while I got, from simming:


  1. Intellect: 1.00
  2. Haste: 1.00
  3. Versatility: 0.93
  4. Critical Strike: 0.81
  5. Mastery: 0.71


My character is Prietus in Dalaran server, in case anybody feels up to double-checking my sim.

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Hey :)

So I simc you, to just make sure. You'd done it the right way, I've got the same stat-weights.

The thing is, if you want to take weight off a guide, they can't be the right ones for you as you see know. Arcane has a lot of breakpoints and the weights are changing rapidly for us :)
So simc yourself was the right step.

One thing to mention is, that you're quite strange skilled. I would advise you to take these talents: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/tool/talent-calculator#eaa!0010001 to maximize you DPS ;)


And after that you should simc yourself again. I've got the following weights for you:


INT: 1.00
Mastery: 0.93
Vers: 0.92
Haste: 0.85
Crit: 0.82

( Pawn: v1: "Prietus": Intellect=8.81, CritRating=7.24, HasteRating=7.47, MasteryRating=8.23, Versatility=8.13 )


Just keep in mind that your weights are changing a lot so simc yourself now and then :)

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Thanks!  I wasn't really expecting the weights to be exactly the same as the guide, but I did expect them to be in the same ballpark.  Like, for example, I did not expect mastery to go from top secondary to a very low last.

Considering the weights you got after the talent changes, I see that's where the discrepancy was coming from.

I initially had talents closer to what you recommend, but I've been playing with a different set, for quality of life, hehe.  I was always forgetting to summon my arcane familiar (how annoying is it that it poofs when you zone, get on a flight path, etc?!), RoP sounds like a pain to manage, I wasn't using Supernova as often as I should've been, and Arcane Orb proved very useful with AoE (ABarr hits like a brick with Resonance and full charges, then back to full charges with Arcane Orb) and in general to get to get full charges quicker.

I'll switch back and give it another try.


Thanks for both the confirmation I wasn't doing something wrong with simc, and for the suggestions regarding talents!

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Yeah with other specs you normally get at least the stat-prio, but on Arcane it's really totally different :)

I totally understand that you're using other talents for easier rotation and for AoE your talents are better! I assumed you're focusing on raidcontent ;) For Mythic+ Resonance & Arcane Orb are a solid choice :) But you should take at least RoP which it by far the best talent there.

I feel your pain with the Familiar... It is really horrible! >_< Maybe they will improve something there.

Oh and as a help with managing all your spells and CDs and stuff maybe you should check out those WAs:


Without them I wouldn't be able to play Arcane as good as  do :D


Good luck to further improve yourself :)

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