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5.4 Gear Vendor changes

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So, in the 5.4 patch notes, it says that vendor-sold gear of less than ToT ilvl (such as gear sold by the original factions like Golden Lotus, Shado-Pan, Klaxxi, August Celestials, and probably also the 5.1 Operation:Shieldwall and Dominance Offensive) will no longer have a rep requirement, and will cost JP instead of VP.

I've only begun to cautiously delve into LFR. I've completed MSV, the first half of HoF, and the "Last Stand of the Zandalari" section of ToT, the latter being by the skin of my teeth. Mostly I do dailies and grind rep, as I'm very reluctant to trust complete strangers I'll never see again. Those of you who recognize my username, might remember from my previous posting activity here, why I'm that way, so I'd like not to get into it again here if that's okay.

Anyway, I'm not looking to min/max. I'm not looking for any "BiS" (I like to tell people to remove the i to get an idea of how I perceive that aspect of game play), and I'm not looking to top DPS meters-- I use the Spamage Meters addon to block out "worship my epeen or ELSE!!!" folks that get so violently insulted if you protest their doing an automatic Recount post after every single fight.

What I AM looking for, at least in the context of this post, is if dailies give VP as rewards, how do we get JP's to get the previous tiers gear? A couple of my alts are just reaching 90 and while I don't expect all of them to be in top level purples pretty much ever, I'd like to at least get some of the 476/489/496 gear for them if I can-- I'm looking forward to the next expansion, where the "starting-tier" gear will be a little better at starting the new expansion out, than quest greens. Not to mention, once you reach max level, if you don't at least try to get a little better gear for an alt, how often do you have any reason to play it at all, anymore?

I haven't downloaded the 5.4 PTR nor explored it, so if the answer is in the PTR, please don't yell because I didn't go there.

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Yes, I remember you - as I recall you played an Enhancement Shaman. I'm getting pretty burnt on doing LFR on my alts, since the quality of players seems to be even worse now than when the content was new, so I sympathize. Scenarios and 5 mans are currently the only way to get JP. There might be some lower level dungeons you can farm as well but the rewards won't be as high. Fortunately for you, they are also removing the rep requirements on all the Shado-Pan Assault 522 gear (other than the shoulders, which will continue to be bought for gold at Exalted), which you can buy with valor points from dailies if that's the way you prefer to play.

And I know you don't like to queue for randoms, but they did put in Heroic Scenarios which require a full premade and 480 ilvl. So if you can get two other people you like to play with to help you out, you get one free 516 piece (from the initial quest) and an additional chance at 516 gear every day.

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