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Hey guys,

Trying to figure out what I can do better as sin, I've just started working on my EP uptime and moved some stats around to get 35+% crit to make my CP gain smoother. But I'm still consistently under 50% for ilvl compared to other rogues. But I'm pretty consistent #2-3 dps in my guild.


Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/thunderlord/Zeider/advanced

H Ursoc: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/4NcKRrnqpHwbjLYV/#type=summary&fight=2&source=10

Full H clear: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/4NcKRrnqpHwbjLYV/#type=summary&boss=-2


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Will try to help you.

10% haste is too much.I think 3-4% will be enough.Also you need more crit ~40-45%.

You have to change your opener:Potion-Garrota-Muti-Rupture-Vendetta-Muti until 6 CP-vanish-rupture-Kingsbane.

Use Envenom when you have 4-6 CP.

If I had a mistake,correct me pls

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In addition to what L1nks points out, I will try to explain the reasoning behind these suggested changes to give you more insight into the thought process.

You have talented into Agonizing Poison, a fine choice for Ursoc.
But that also means that you will need to apply the poison before your damage starts coming.

Looking at your opener:
At this point you will be building applications of Agonizing Poison, severely reducing your dmg output.

You cast Kingsbane right after coming out of stealth and then proceed to wait ~6 seconds before casting your first Envenom. Kingsbane should be followed up with an Evenom asap to ramp up its damage from as early as possible. With Kingsbane being a very strong cd using the poison spec, you essentially waste its potential in your opener, especially considering the lack of AP stacks.

On that note; it takes you ~14 seconds to apply all 5 stacks of AP, which is the duration of Kingsbane- falling off just as you reach max potential.

You could try to incorporate an Envenom into your opener in order to increase poison application rate. I havn't done much testing with AP opener due to lack of mastery, but you have both the mastery for it and the haste to "recover" from energy depletion after opener.

A suggested opener alternative:
Garrote --> Rupture --> Mutilate --> Envenom --> Vendetta --> Mutilate --> Mutilate
Vanish --> Rupture --> Kingsbane --> ... Build to 5-6cp Envenom

Testing just now had me going to 5 stacks of AP in around 5 seconds and a fresh Kingsbane up.

This opener also makes use of pandemic refresh of Rupture, ensuring a Nightstalker empowered Rupture for the entirety of your Vendetta cd. 

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